Claudia Schiffer – One of The Most Famous Supermodels Ever

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Birth name: Claudia Schiffer

Date of Birth: 25 August 1970

Place of Birth: Rheinberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany

Nationality: German

Occupation: Model, actress

Height: 1.80 m; 5 ft 11 in

Measurements: 37-24-36 (in); 95-62-92 (cm)

Famous for: Schiffer is one of the most famous and successful supermodels of all times.


I actually don’t meet many men because they are, I guess, afraid to approach me or think that I’m from another planet

I love my engagement ring. It is the only thing I wear to bed!

I know one day I’ll be considered too old. I think 40-year-old women actually look more healthy and fit than some girls in their 20s. I’ve met women who have way better bodies in their 40s because they’ve been working on them for all these years.

I love being pregnant. You can do whatever you want. You don’t feel guilty, because I used to feel guilty about having a day off. And, you know, something really strange happened to me. Before my pregnancies, I was someone who had to watch their weight.

Supermodels, like we once were, don’t exist any more.

Interesting Facts

Claudia was born in a small town 15 km northwest of Duisburg to parents Gudrun and Heinz Schiffer. She has two brothers and one sister.

She was very popular in school but felt bad for being so tall.

As a child and a teenager she wanted to become a lawyer and she worked in her father’s law firm.

Claudia Schiffer was discovered in a Düsseldorf night club at the age of 17.

Her professional breakthrough happened when she appeared on the cover of the major French magazine Elle. Soon after she became a “supermodel”.

She has done catwalk modeling for some of the most popular designers such as Ralph Lauren and Versace.

Schiffer dated magician David Copperfield for about five years from 1994 until 1999.

Claudia has done many advertizing campaigns and is the supermodel with the most magazine covers.

She appeared in many television shows and starred in about dozen films.

On 25 May 2002, she married the film producer Matthew Vaughn with whom she has three children.

In 1991 Claudia was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world.

German Shepherd is her favorite animal.

Claudia volunteers for UNICEF. This beautiful woman has always been involved in charity projects.

She is fluent in French and English.

Her full legal name is Claudia de Vere Drummond.

Claudia Schiffer in one sentence – Claudia is an ageless supermodel and a remarkable woman all around.

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