Daria German – Alluring Russian Brunette

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Birth name: Daria German ( Дарья Герман )

Date of Birth: April 14, 1981

Place of Birth: Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Nationality: Russian

Occupation: model, actress, television personality, interpersonal relationships coach

German in one sentence: Daria is a beautiful Russian brunette, talented and self confident woman and an excellent interpersonal coach


Never act impulsively. 

It is easier to be an adviser to others, then to yourself.

You should not act impulsively, think about what happened and stay calm in order to make a proper decision.

It is easy to be manipulated on a love basic.

I feel more comfortable working with men.

Modern men are not mature neither responsible.

My parents told me that being an artist is not a profession, so they made me became a student of International Relationship Institute.

I was considering starting music career here in Russia, but I was “advised” to give up my individuality which I refused.

I don’t judge people by how much money they have, their age or their religion. 

You should clearly define your goals. Then you can start making progress.

There is no excuse for laziness, weakness, bad circumstances, lack of opportunities, wrong social system, etc.

Earn to be respected.

Most potent elixir for women’s beauty is to feel loved and exclusive by her men.

Interesting facts:

Daria herself made many costumes for elementary school shows when she was a child.

 While attending elementary school she took English and music classes. She also practiced ice-skating.

In high school Daria and her friends formed their own music group “KGB”

She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations.

Daria was an excellent student with highest grades.

Her favorite film is “The Fifth Element”.

Daria is considered Russian Angelina Jolie.

Daria’s hobbies are: photography, yoga, music…

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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