Pros & Cons Of Dating Beautiful Women Over 40

Brief summary of what you should keep in mind when you are about to date a woman over 40.

Women certainly are gorgeous when they are in their early twenties, however these girls do not have the mental capacity nor the skills to be sexy yet.

Watching a young girl mature into a real woman can be painful and many men absolutely refuse to endure this stage every woman must go through.

A woman in her 40’s however, has enough experience to know exactly what drives men of all ages crazy.

Young males often are attracted to these women because they believe they are at their sexual peaks and will teach them a thing or two.

Older men prefer 40 plus women because they are still sexually active

and make them feel younger with their modern views.

With that, here are some pros & some cons when it comes to dating beautiful women over 40.


1)Women over 40 are set in their ways and financially secure.

2)They have their careers in place and are not finding their way around in society any longer.

3)Typically they have everything in place as far as achieving their lifetime goals.

4)Children are usually raised and their luggage has left with the sailing ship.

5)Older women tend to have more traditional values and know how to nurture.Dating over 40

6)They are not looking to raise a family and are non-starters.  They are more comfortable with their bodies therefore are better at sex.


1)Women in their 40’s lose their tight looks, usually put on weight, and tend to be settled on a certain passed fashion.

2)Half of them have been divorced and are bitter towards relationships and men.

3)Some of them are even emotionally scarred from past relationships and exhibit crazy behaviors.

4)These women tend to have a history, older kids to deal with, and are not likely to extend a family.

5)They will have their views in tact and are not willing to budge in order to be compatible with another being.

That being said, my advice regarding dating the 40 plus women is very simple – go for it!

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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