Russian Roulette For Russian Dolls

If you’re into dating Russian women, or thinking about dating them, there’s a few things you need to know before getting into the game.

Here’s 7 simple tips to keep in mind when dating any women, but especially when you want to date the ladies of the Soviet persuasion.

When it comes to dating Russian women overall, these tips will give you what you need to impress the valenki off of her (those are traditional Russian shoes, by the way, what were you thinking about?).

1. Learn about Russian culture

You don’t have to know every last detail about the Russian Revolution or the Bolchevik Empire, but you might want to brush up on a bit of history and culture to impress her.

Find out about traditional Russian painting, music or the geography of the country.

Whether she is impressed when she thinks you know this knowledge off-hand or she finds out that you’ve gone through the trouble of finding out more out of interest for her, it’s a win-win!

2. Stay away from stereotypes

You might know about Cossaks and Communism, but showing off ‘knowledge’ that is stereotypical might offend her; especially if they are politically contentious (your first date isn’t the right moment to bring up rivalry between capitalist and communist regimes).Dating Russian Women

If you want to get a little further than the first date, some more in depth research about the part of the country where she or her ancestors are from will show interest in her and charm the sarafan off her (this time I’m referring to a dress).

3. Find out her favourites

Before you set up your first date, find out what she likes.

Typically Russian cuisine involves fish, poultry, berries, honey… and of course vodka.

If you’re inviting her over or taking her out, you will impress her by making sure that her favorite menu items are available upon request! Even better if you find out how to make her favorite Russian dish – the way to her heart is definitely through her taste buds!

4. Take her on a Russian date

Women love feeling like they’re special to you, and what’s more special than a man taking you out on a special evening out after taking the time to find out more about your culture?

Whether you choose Russian folk dancing to get a little closer physically, or rent a Russian movie for her to enjoy, showing interest in doing activities that will please her will make her melt!

5. Remember that she’s more than ‘just’ a Russian woman

Women love to feel unique and special.

They also love to feel that they are multi-dimensional.

It’s great that you’ve impressed her by knowing about her culture, stayed respectfully away from stereotypes and make her melt with her favorite dish and a Russian date.Dating Russian Women

But you won’t really be on the right track until you show her that it wasn’t just a game to get her in bed.

If you really want to date these ladies, make sure that you find out about their other interests.

What is important to her in her career? What kinds of activities does she enjoy in her spare time? What does she find attractive in a man? If you aren’t sure, ask her directly – she will appreciate your interest!

6. Appropriate presents

Many women are superstition and Russian women are no exception. In fact, they may be the most superstitious of all!

That’s why thoughtful presents can really make them feel like you’re the one.

It’s easy enough to find out about common symbols and ‘coincidentally’ give her a present that brings back childhood memories for her.

Whether you give her chamomile flowers to remind her of the Motherland, or something with birch bark (the national tree of Russian), these simple attentive gestures can really give her a reason to open up!

7. Be yourself

This is the most important advice anyone can give you is always to be yourself.

Maybe some of this advice will work for you, and some of it may not.Dating Russian Women

The important thing is that if you decide to do them, they should feel natural to you so that you come across as genuine and thoughtful, rather than conniving and manipulative.

There’s no fool-proof way to a woman’s heart, but the best path is being authentic and letting her see who you really are.

The dating world is like playing Russian Roulette.

You get one chance to make a first impression, and you don’t know how it’s going to turn out until you’ve already placed your bets.

But no matter how it turns out, even if the next lady isn’t the one you get to take home tonight, or call your own, make sure that whatever you do, and especially if it involves dating Russian women, you’re having fun!

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