Diana Dors – An English Blonde Bombshell

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Birth name: Diana Mary Fluck

Date of Birth: October 23, 1931

Date of Death: May 4, 1984 (aged 52)

Place of Birth: Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK

Nationality: British

Occupation: Actress

Height: 5 feet 6 in; 1.68 m   

Measurements:  36.5  - 24-35 (in); 91.4 -61 - 89 (cm)

Dors in one sentence: Diana was extremely popular British actress and a breathtaking blonde bombshell that was known as the “British Marilyn Monroe”.


Honesty is not a requirement, it is a choice.

Being beautiful is the reflection of someone’s  soul.

I know I have been lucky to be discovered and wildly popular, because I don’t consider myself such a phenomenon.

I think that British people don’t know how to deal with my kind of personality, because their temperament is a little cool and a little reserved.

Other Diana Dors, which is the one that  I am inside, really doesn't like  to go out, and be seen at premieres and nightclubs, and wear low-cut gowns and strike provocative poses…oh no, she  doesn’t like any of these things at all.

My goal is to have a farm in England and settle down, and raise a family, and forget the whole thing.

Interesting Facts:

  • At the age of 14, Diana was offered  to study at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, becoming the college’s  youngest  student ever.
  • Diana graduated LAMDA in spring 1947.
  • Her first Hollywood offer was conditioned by getting divorced from her first husband which she refused.
  • Diana had lovely voice and had released few singles and one complete album - Swinging Dors,  in 1960.
  • Diana published four auto-biographical books.
  • This beautiful actress was married to Dennis Hamilton, Richard Dawson and Alan Lake, and gave birth to three sons.
  • Diana joined a campaign which goal was to allow prisoners to have intimate relations with their wives, in jail.
  • She miraculously survived meningitis in 1974.
  • Unfortunately, in 1982 she was diagnosed ovarian cancer and died after two years of hard struggle.
  • Diana spent great time helping people through various religious and charity groups.
  • She was considered the British Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.