Diane Sands – Gorgeous Armenian Model/Musician

Diane Sands Gallery
Birth name: Diana Sands

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Nationality: French

Origin: Armenian

Occupation: Composer, model, dancer, singer, actress

Height: 5 feet 4 in ; 1.64 m

Sands one sentence: Diane is a very talented composer, a beautiful young lady and a profound thinker.


The first thing I notice about people is their soul through their eyes. 

The nicest thing someone has ever done for me is to accept me as I am. 

Make-up changes woman in a radical way.

Fashion is important in a way that makes people feel good in their skin when they are well dressed.

Your soul is the most precious gift you have.

Music is in my blood.  Composing music is my purpose in life.

Modeling isn’t a long lasting job, so prepare to study and have something else on the side.

Interesting Facts:

At the age of 5, Diane started to learn playing piano.

She continued her musical studies At the Conservatory Rachmaninoy.

At the age of 17, she started to attend singing classes, theater and dance.

At 19, she joined Rick Odums center for professional training in ballet and jazz dance, while at the same time studying courses in theater, cinema, audiovisual and singing.

At 21 Diane becomes TV host on the French national television.

She never planed to become a model.

Her first cover was for Girls magazine. Since than she graced a number of magazine covers.

She appeared in many catalogs for clothing and jewelry.

She composes classical music. She composed music for fashion shows and films.

Diane is representing Armenia for “Les Origines de la Beauté”, a project for UNESCO.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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