Discovering Ecuadorian Women

As many South American women, women from Ecuador are very gregarious, generally quite passionate and love to dance.

Aside from traditional Ecuadorian dancing, salsa and merengue are also popular dances that Ecuadorian women learn in their childhood.

Dancing is considered very friendly and it is not considered sexual or inappropriate to dance with strangers or friends, as long as proper manners are respected.

South American was colonized by Spanish and Portuguese, but Ecuador was mostly colonized by Europeans from Spain.

There are many indigenous cultures throughout the country, and the women from these tribes rarely mix with foreigners.

They keep within their traditional ways of life, abide by very modest and traditional dress and make their crafts, which they sell in markets across the country, and in major cities like Quito, or in places that are known for tourism like Banos and Guayaquil.

Ecuador is a country where secondary and post-secondary education is not very developed.

The current President has invested in developing further education to encourage the return of Ecuadorians who had left the country for Spain or the Americas.Beautiful Ecuadorian Women

This investment is having an effect on the levels of education, which are expected to rise in the next decade.

In addition, Ecuador has very recently joined a trade partnership known as ‘Unisur’ or ‘United South’, joining six South American nations in trade agreements to encourage development.

While this can be good for economic development, there are concerns about the preservation of its national landscapes and beautiful environment.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Ecuador is the landscape and national parks.

There are many national heritage sites, including the very famous Galapagos Islands, which is a set of volcanic islands a few thousand miles off the Pacific Coast of Ecuador; and the Ecuadorian ‘Mitad del Mundo’ or ‘Middle of the Earth’, which is a monument that marks the central point between Northern and Southern hemispheres of the Earth known as the Equator.

It is important to distinguish between continental Ecuadorians and Galapagenos, who live on the islands.Beautiful Ecuadorian Women

The island people are more accustomed to living a very casual and modest island life and rarely mingle with tourists and foreigners other than through business and tourism or just friendly interaction.

The tagline for Ecuador’s tourism and national pride is ‘Ama la vida’ which translates to ‘love life’.

This speaks to the way of living in Ecuador and much of South America, which values enjoying life and nature and does not value long term complex planning and punctuality or control over activities and circumstances as is more common in North America.

Ecuadorian women follow the South American and even worldwide trend of being primarily responsible for childcare in their families and communities.

They generally marry younger than North American women, and while many of them do work outside the home in crafts, textiles, retail and even business and professional realms, the percentage of the population who work outside the home is smaller than in North America or Europe.

While Spanish is the most common language in Ecuador, the proximity with the United States and desire to do business and trade with the Americas for economic development influences the interest in English as a second language, and there are many Ecuadorians who speak English rather than Beautiful Ecuadorian WomenLatin languages as a second language, especially if they work in the tourism industry or business.

As with many South American women, Ecuadorian women are generally considered exotic to North Americans and Europeans, due to their dark tone and features.

Their body types are generally shorter and rounder, and they are therefore generally regarded as more voluptuous.

Anecdotally, it is notable that designers and clothing in the fashion industry generally offers shorter and rounder clothing styles than are available in North America and Europe, and display mannequins are shorter with more rounded buttocks and busts to emphasize what is widely considered the more Latin woman’s shape.

While not all women conform to this shape, as is a common discrepancy in the fashion industry, it is notable that this is the example that South American and Ecuadorian women aspire to in beauty standards, rather than a slimmer and taller North American or European standard.

If you are interested in dating Ecuadorian Women, keep in mind that they are very friendly and that their interest in speaking with you or dancing with you is not a sign of intimate interest.

To verify this, it is appropriate to get to know her and discuss her interest to seek consent before proceeding with physical advances, which would be appropriate with any woman you meet around the world.

Finally, if you’re thinking of dating Ecuadorian women, remember that they love flowers and enjoying life, so if you want to do your homework, you may want to impress her with some Latin dance steps!

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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