Ellen Adarna –  An Alluring Filipino Actress

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Birth Name: Ellen Meriam Adarna

Date of Birth: April 2, 1988

Place of Birth: Cebu City, Philippines

Nationality: Filipino

Origin: Chinese/Spanish

Occupation: Model, actress, comedian

Height: 5 ft 6in; 1.68m

Measurements:32-24-36 (in); 81-61-92 (cm)

Adarna in one sentence: Ellen is a beautiful Asian woman with the exotic mixed raced body features.


I always go out with people I trust.

When it comes to friends, I’m very guarded.

Men are funny, I would like to be with someone who understands me, someone who will just let me be.  A caring, thoughtful, smart guy.

Don’t choose always the same type of man; try different men. After that you will know what you really need.

History does repeat itself.

If you want your kids to grow, you have to let them go. You have to set them free - that is one of the advices that my father gave me about parenting.

My father has always taught me that nothing comes easy in life.

I am such a romantic. I would do anything for love.

Life is a beautiful mess and I love it!

Interesting Facts:

  • Ellen started to work under ABS-CBN in 2014.
  • She played in a number of films and television shows including: Bubble Gang,Captain Barbell Ang Pagbabalik, Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles Showdown, Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis, Indio, It's showtime, the singing bee, ASAP, Moon of desire, Pasion de Amor, My Illegal Wife...
  • She admires Angelina Jolie.
  • Adarna is recognized as one of the most successful Cebu-based businesswoman.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.