Elva Hsiao – One of the Most Beautiful Taiwanese Female Singers

Elva Hsiao Gallery
Birth name: Hsiao Ya-chih

Date of Birth: August 24, 1979

Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan, China

Nationality: Taiwanese

Occupation: Singer

Height: 5 ft 3.7 in; 1.62 m

Measurements: 31-20-30 (in)

Hsiao in one sentence – Elva is a talented singer and a lovely lady.


I try my best not to hurt anyone around me. Unfortunately sometimes I feel that people don’t care about my feelings as much as I do about theirs.

Interesting Facts: 

She finished the John Casablanca’s College in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hsian is one of the most popular female singers in Taiwan and mainland China.

In 2001 Hsiao won the Best Selling Chinese Artist Award at the 2001 World Music Awards held in Monaco on 2 May.

Elva released 12 albums and 2 compilations as of 2011.

She has done some acting work but she is yet to prove herself as an actress.

Her mother’s wish before she passed away was for Elva to undergo the double eye lid surgery in order to enlarge the appearance of her small eyes (she had the surgery).

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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