Examining A First Date Kiss

Let’s examine some possible situations regarding to the first date kiss.

Kisses on a first date are usually awkward.  The timing has to be right, which it never is, and you just never know what to expect.

Regardless, kisses can certainly go wrong and the worst case scenario can land you in the hospital.

Let’s examine a couple of common mistakes, what makes them so awkward, and some possible remedies.

The first thing is the fact that it is customary to kiss at the end of the date.

The man usually walks her up to her door, explains that he had a good time, and waits to see if she is going to invite him in.

When he gets the hint that she’s not going to invite him in, this is where it usually goes wrong.  She may be OK with the goodnight hug, but not a kiss on the lips.  Commonly men try to move right in for the lips.  To avoid the awkwardness, try kissing this beautiful woman on the cheeks while engaged in a hug instead.

First Date KissThat way she knows you are not expecting more, all the while performing in a traditional dating ritual.

The truest form of an odd first date kiss are the ones where the man asks if he can plant one on her.  This can either be very charming or truly pathetic at best.  If you are a very confident man and have no fear of rejection, it is fine to ask her if you can kiss her.

Just know that you have officially made her uncomfortable if she denies your request.

Some men think they are Rico Suave and will simply point to their cheek requesting her to kiss him.  She may do it out of nicety; however rest assured that this behavior will not likely result in a second date.

The worst first date kisses are where the timing is right and both of you decide to go in for a lip lock and you knock heads.

That is awkward enough, but what if the kiss is like licking a face, smashing teeth, or worse, her lips are not even open when you are trying to violate her mouth with your tongue?

The good news is that this does not mean that you do not have chemistry, it simply means neither of you have the same kissing techniques – which is fine because you will have lots of time to practice.First Kiss

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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