A Guideline For General Flirting Advice

Find out how to flirt with a woman and make a good impression.

When beautiful women are around, it is natural to flirt.  Unfortunately most men do not have the slightest clue on how to appropriately approach these ladies in a true flirtatious manner.

For instance, playful hitting.  School aged children always playfully hit each other when they are attracted.

Eventually boys and girls grow up and that hitting turns into a slight push or pats on the back as if she were one of the guys.

This is not attractive and is one of the most annoying flirty moves a man can make.

If you still flirt like this, it is time to grow up.

Instead of a shove or pat, how about simply holding her hand.  This is a true expression of flirting and gives the impression of maturity.

Some guys take flirting to a degree of perversion and harassment.  They will whistle and make cat calls while making hand gestures.

This kind of flirting is very common and only men with low self esteem do this.Men know they will get no reaction or a negative one and it is unclear why they continue to flirt in this manner since it is not a proven method.Flirting Advice

Many women believe these men have a machismo attitude and they either ignore them or express their anger.

Instead of behaving like a complete cave man when you see gorgeous women, how about opening the door she may be walking in or flagging down a cab for her.  This is true admirable flirting.

The last recommended flirting advice is to not over flirt and be confident in your flirting technique.

If you want to hold her hand, then hold her hand.  If after a couple of minutes she releases your hand, do not continuously take her hand over and over because it is annoying.

Tell her that she looks nice but do not drool over her beauty. One or two compliments are enough.

When out, it is OK to open doors for her but constantly insisting or rushing in front of her to make the gesture appears desperate. Essentially, be cool and do not over do it. Flirting is supposed to be fun for both of you.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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