Han Chae Young Gallery

Han Chae Young Gallery

Birth name: Kim Ji-young

Other Name: Rachel Han

Date of Birth: September 13, 1980

Place of Birth: Daegu, South Korea

Nationality: South Korean, naturalized American 

Occupation: Actress

Height: 5 feet 8 in; 1. 72m

Measurements: 34-25-35 (in); 86.3-63.5-89 (cm)

Chae Young in one sentence: Han is considered to have one of the most beautiful faces in South Korean film industry.


I work out short and hard; it is my recipe of maintaining the body figure.

There's a difference in attitude when you wear clothing and think of yourself as pretty and when you're not satisfied.

Interesting Facts:

  • Han finished high school in America.
  • She has a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts from the Dongguk University.
  • She was discovered by a comedian.
  • Chae’s film debut was in 2000, when she appeared in horror film The Records.
  • She is known as a “Barbie Doll of Korea” .
  • Chae Young is playing piano and clarinet.
  • She become famous in 2005 when she played a titular role  in a comedy called Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang.
  • She considers Yoo Seung Ho one of the best actors nowadays.
  • She worked for famous fashion brands such as: Dior, Guess, Marie Claire…
  • She played in a number of films and television shows including: Unbeatable: Blue Dream, Stranger 6, A Man Called God, Boys Before Flowers, Exhibition of Fireworks, My Girl, Only You, Delightful Girl, Beijing My Love, Affection (Yoo Hae Mi), Father and Sons, Autumn Tale (Choi/Yoon Shin-ae), Big Deal, The Influence (J), Soul Mates, The Truck, Do You Live with Your Lover Now? Love Now, Wild Card (Na-na), The Record (Eun-mi)...

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