History Of Beauty – A Fascinating Story

A Short Narrative About The History Of Beauty – Standards of Female Beauty Throughout History

The history of female beauty is an amazing thing and the defined differences across nations are about as diverse as one can perceive.

The standards of female beauty throughout history has gone from males being attracted to facial fur to them being head over heels for a completely hairless woman.

However, even though geometric beauty can be defined, beauty is very subjective because of the hundreds of cultures the human race possesses. Therefore society will actually depict what is said to be attractive. And this has been true since man stood upright.

For instance, in the Western world today a beautiful woman is best defined as being sickly thin and big breasted, whereas the past history of beauty in the West used to be women of kin and girth.

Today  if a woman is obese, her chances of finding an attractive mate decrease substantially. As well, the younger she was, the more desired she would have been. Not anymore, this would land a western man in prison.

With today’s cosmetic technology, the history of female beauty is just that. History. Young men are now being raised by mothers with false breasts and injected lips with their fat being constantly sucked out.

Therefore a lot of these young men from all over the world are more attracted to plastic than they are to real flesh. They just do not know any better. Whereas in the past, an all natural homely look was enough to ask for her hand in marriage.

The history of beauty has redefined what constitutes sexuality. In today’s modern societies, a woman can walk around with a see through shirt while wearing shorts that all but expose her fun parts.History Of Beauty

Her revealing breasts along with extremely tight clothing screams sexuality. In the not so recent past, all a woman had to do was wink, giggle, or even blow a kiss to emit her sexual awareness. Today these actions would go unnoticed or even be deemed dorky and immature.

In other parts of the world, the history of beauty has been stalled for several hundred centuries. Women in the middle East and some African nations are a good example of this.

Extreme Islamic societies believe that the beauty of a woman makes men do sinful things, hence these women must always be covered from head to toe. It is the female’s duty to appear as unattractive as possible to keep men from committing the “filthy” act of lust.

As you can see from the few paragraphs above, the standards of female beauty throughout history has been very dynamic. At one point in time beauty was purely instinct. Fur, girth, social status, odor, and even age played a major role.

Today, according to her societal perceptions, a woman can simply buy her beauty from a shelf and fit right in to her surroundings. With the rapid pace of how beauty is constantly redefining itself, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future the beauty would be considered “a thing of the past”.

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