How Beautiful Women Art Has Evolved

Here are some facts about beauties and art.

Art of women has made some drastic changes of recent and this can especially be seen in the many famous oil paintings of the past.

Up until recently, you will notice that all of the art from the past five centuries has been created by men.

These historic male artists have concocted some of the most beautiful and revered oil paintings that are now worth millions of dollars today.

In any event, if you take a short moment to look up some of these artworks, you will see that these men all had the same idea of what a beautiful woman looked like.

Almost always they painted her as having long flowing hair that is either pinned up or draped over her shoulders and back side.

Not only did they create images of women fully clothed in feminine dresses, but they painted pictures of women without any clothes whatsoever.

Back then, they always painted women with distinctive curves and heartiness. These women were never skinny.Beautiful Women Art

If you look at beautiful women art of recent, it is easy to assume that men’s perceptions of beauty have evolved, however this may not necessarily be true.

Why?  Because instead of men being the artists, many women today are painting and photographing images of what they think a beautiful woman should look like.

Today the images are of women with all sorts of hair styles including being bald.

They may be curvy and many are surgically enhanced to appear flawless.

Also, today women are painted and photographed wearing just about anything but feminine dresses.

Also there are many photographs of women that are so skinny that they look like they could benefit from eating a few sandwiches.

So it is clear that in recent history, men and women have taken on a drastic change in their perceptions of what beautiful women art is today.Beautiful Women Art

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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