How To Approach Beautiful Women Successfully

The art of approaching women without getting rejected…

There are many ways to approach a beautiful woman, and some of them can get you a date with her; depending on the situation and the type of girl she is.

You should definitively approach differently a girl on the beach, a woman in the coffee shop, a beauty in the club and a lady in the opera house. Always remember that the place and situation dictates the way you should approach a beautiful woman.

That being said, there are some general guidelines when approaching women:

1.You need to be as relaxed as possible (we will work on this later in this article)

2.Take the pressure off yourself

3.Be Spontaneous (forget about memorizing the pick-up lines)

4.Just do it!

5.Be original but not ridiculous

6.Humor is your best friend

7.Be respectful

8.If she says “no”, take it like a man

Relax and Enjoy the Unknown

One of the major indicators of self-confidence is the level of tension that a person exhibits when interacting with other people; and women LOVE self-confident men.

If you are sweating, shaking and stuttering when approaching a woman she would most likely reject you. Therefore, if you experience an anxiety attack when trying to pick up a woman the first thing you need to work on is your anxiety. The good news is that you can easily conquer your anxiety if you are guided (treated) right.

If you are just nervous when approaching a beautiful woman that means that you are alive, and that you would really like to date her. This is normal but you need to hide it from her.

Think about approaching a woman as the battle between two armies; and the outcome of that battle would determine whether the war goes on or it’s all over before it even started.How To Approach Beautiful Women

In this case, you want the “war” to last as long as possible. That is until her army surrenders to yours, and you find her arms around you while passionately kissing you…

In other words, if you let her know that you are nervous (thus self-doubting) that is the same as letting the general of the army that you are about to face in the battlefield know the weakest spot of your army; and that would not be the smartest thing to do. Would it?

How to relax when approaching a beautiful woman?

Take the pressure off yourself – accept the fact that some women will reject you. It is completely normal to get rejected by a woman for numerous reasons; some of which have nothing to do with you. You don’t know if she is in a long-term relationship or in love with her best girl-friend, or is just having a really bad day. Being rejected is an inseparable part of dating.

Don’t try to memorize the pick-up lines or anything else for that matter. When you memorize something you have the need to go over it in your head. In other words you stress about it, which is the last thing you want to do when interacting with a beautiful woman.

Be spontaneous – just go with the flow and let the situation guide you through the process of getting her to like you.

Just do it – don’t think too much about approaching a beauty that already took your breath away, because if you do you would definitively suffocate and won’t be able to utter even one word that makes any sense.

Remember, the more you wait and think about approaching her the more stress is building up inside you, and the less effective you would be.

Be Original

The problem with beautiful girls is that they have heard it all before, which is why it is quite difficult to be original when around them. However, the good news is that if you accomplish to be even little original when in the company of a beauty that will most likely get you quite far with her.

It is really hard to teach someone to be original but again if you are relaxed and spontaneous the chances are you will be as original as possible in the given situation.

The Power of Humor

If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything. (Marilyn Monroe)

One of the most frequent things women say when describing the things they love most about their boyfriends and husbands is: “He makes me laugh”.

Therefore if you can make her laugh make sure you don’t miss the change to do so. Important thing to note is that not all jokes are appropriate when approaching a woman.

Be Respectful

All women like to be respected which is why you should always be respectful to a woman no matter the situation. If you are disrespectful in any way, chances are she will reject you and she will think little of you.

When in company of a woman you should be a gentleman and not some immature teenage-like brat that makes fun of other people, pinches her in any place or is way too laud and cocky.

If She Rejects You Don’t Lose Your Cool

As we said before, it is normal to get rejected from time and every man should be prepared for it.

That being said, it is quite painful to be rejected by a woman. In fact it is so painful and embarrassing that many men choose not to approach women because of the fear of rejection.

Yes, being rejected by a woman is uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing but it is also a very important part of becoming a man.

The interesting thing about being rejected is that it that doesn’t have to be an end of the “war”. It could just mean that you’ve lost the first battle and that it is time to count your losses, regroup and attack again, but with a different tactic this time.

Anyways, if she says “no” that means exactly that, and you should act as cool as possible about it; because the “cooler” you are the more chances you will have the next time you see her.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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