How To Be Successful In Dating

10 things to keep you in the game

If you’re reading this, you’re already doing the first thing right – you’re admitting you’re human, that you can make mistakes and that you have things to learn. Here is a list of qualities that women appreciate and look for in men.

1.Honesty Is The Best Policy

No matter who the lady is sitting in front of you, it’s always a good idea to put your best foot forward with honesty.

Most women appreciate authenticity and even if that means sharing things about yourself that are not the most glorious, it’s better to be honest and have the opportunity to tell your story than have her find out later, with disappointment, that you aren’t who she thought.

I’m not suggesting that you tell her all your dirty secrets on the first date. But the longer you keep skeletons in your closet… well the more they stink when you let them out.

2.Play the game, but don’t be a player

Dating is a bit of a game to most people. It doesn’t mean they’re being dishonest, it just means they’re trying to give the best impression of themselves to attract a potential mate.

However, beware of using tricks that work in the short term. It may seem enticing to have many dating prospects but overtime if you reputation precedes you, it won’t help you find the perfect mate.

3.When it comes to mating, the first step is datingHow To Be Successful In Dating

This leads to the next point, that finding the right partner can take some time.

It’s important to approach the process as a whole and remember that when you’re meeting a new person you’re each in your own process.

Be aware of this by respecting this new person and starting from scratch every time – don’t hold a grudge based on past experiences. This requires maturity, but will pay off in your personal growth and help you find a more compatible partner.

4.Time is money

What this means is that time is valuable.

Don’t keep a date waiting, don’t stand someone up without letting them know, and if you need to reschedule for a really valid reason, be up front about this and give the person their dignity and the value of their time by telling them as soon as possible.

These simples steps will also help you get to know the other person because if you’re polite and communicative, you’ll soon know the difference between someone who’s understanding and indulgent and someone who isn’t.

5.Money isn’t everything

Some people look for a partner for convenience or economic reasons, but money isn’t everything.

There are many myths out there that suggest women are only after money, but most of them are not actually trying to get your wallet.

What they really want to know is whether you have the maturity and independence to take care of yourself, so that your free time will be more valuable to her.

6.Be there with bells on, not smells on

While it’s important to make a good first impression, if your smell precedes you, you might be wearing too much cologne.

On the flip side, if you haven’t showered in over a week, chances are… she will notice. Keep in mind that smells are intimate and can easily entice or put off a new person.

Keep your smells to yourself at first and reserve your excitement for an occasion when she will get close enough to smell you… when you’re clean, but not overdosed with eau-de-much-too-eager.How To Be Successful In Dating

7.First impressions are hard to forget

The way you approach a new date is important. It’s ok to make mistakes, and practice but the important thing is to drop the act.

Drop the front, the façade and the tricks. The best first impression you can make is one that you can keep up, because she’ll remember the first impression and wonder if you measure up… to yourself.

8.Lasting impressions matter more

Although first impressions are important, you also want to make sure that you can make it last. This means that when you make it to the second… third… fourth or fifth date, you still want to care for how you present yourself.

Just because you think you’ve won her and want to drop your guard for something more intimate, doesn’t mean you should throw everything to the wind just yet.

9.It’s not you…. It’s you

Self-responsibility is your best friend in the dating world.

Sure, you can blame all the women for not being into you, but the truth is… it’s not her, it’s you that she’s not into. How To Be Successful In DatingWithout conducting an investigation, take the time to reflect on how you approach and treat women and take responsibility for your life – women will find that attractive.

Not to mention, who wants to date a guy who’s always complaining about the last girl?

10.I can’t believe it’s not love

Most of all, don’t worry if it takes time and many first dates to get to the right lady.

Maybe you’re being too picky, maybe you’re shy, or maybe it just takes time.

Let go of the outcomes a little bit, don’t worry about controlling every detail, and when you let life surprise you with the perfect mate… well, it just might!

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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