How To Talk To Beautiful Women & Get Them To Like You

How To Talk To Beautiful Women 

Most men are intimidated by beautiful women which is why many of them are uncomfortable when talking to a beauty.

There are even men that have fear of talking to beautiful women and tend to freeze when they find themselves in the company of a gorgeous lady.

This is understandable because a beautiful woman is much more than just a woman that looks amazing. A beautiful woman is a captivating phenomenon that is difficult to explain but one thing is certain – all women would like to be beautiful and all men would like to be with a beautiful woman. Therefore, a “beautiful woman” is one of the most desired “things” in the world.

In other words, it is completely natural that men tend to be nervous when they are around beautiful women. However, being nervous doesn’t help you with concentration; and the bad concentration can cause babbling, which can be really embarrassing.

The good news is that after reading this article you will know how to talk to beautiful women and make them want you.

Respect her personal space – don’t get too close to her and don’t try to touch her in any way before she touches you. A woman will always let you know what your next step should be.

Keep the appropriate distance and show her respect. Even the “easiest” girl likes to be respected. Therefore if you show respect to a woman that you are talking to only good can come out of it.

Don’t be one of those half-brain duds that can’t control their hands and eyes. Your hands have nothing to do on any part of her body unless she invited you to do so. Also, make sure you keep your eyes above her neck.

Yes, she is beautiful and her body screams: “look at me I’m so irresistible” but be a man and resist the temptation.

Note: a girl will almost never tell you: “hey put your hands on me” or “Kiss me”. But she will touch you “unintentionally”, laugh at your jokes, or show you she is interested in you is some other indirect way – and that is her inviting you to touch her and eventually kiss her.

Eye contact – firstly and most importantly, look her in the eyes and don’t scan her female attributes. Think of this rule in this way – the less you see in the beginning the more you will see later.

She wants you to be interested in her personality and not just in her body. Therefore, make sure she gets that message.

Be natural – you need to be as relaxed as possible when talking to beautiful women. If you realize that you are sweating and shaking abort the mission, regroup and then engage in the combat soldier!Also, a man that can’t take his eyes of a woman’s body is perceived as desperate and even freaky. Don’t be one of those guys.

Go with the flow and be as spontaneous as possible. Don’t keep the script and pick-up lines in your head and don’t try to be cool. Remember, the ones that try to be cool always end up being ridiculous. Just be yourself, use your brain to generate thoughts and your mouth to speak. It is really that simple.How To Talk To Beautiful Women

Keep it light and simple – There are so many interesting things to talk about with a beautiful woman so there is really no good reason to talk about politics, religion, financial crisis, or some other depressing or controversial subject. Every subject that is controversial should be avoided at all costs because you don’t know what her stand on it is.

Ask open-ended questions (not yes or no questions) – Don’t quiz her with the yes or no questions because she would get annoyed very fast and lose all interest in you. Ask her how she feels about whatever, or what her opinion about whatever is. Make her talk, and even more importantly make her talk about herself because women love that.

Important to note: when asking personal questions you should not be too personal. That is a big NO NO.

Listen to her – once you get her talking listen to her. Don’t look around or bellow her neck, and don’t daydream about million ways you would caress and kiss her. Keep focused and use the things she tells you to deepen the conversation and make it even more interesting.

Also, let her speak and do NOT interrupt her. That is rude and annoying.

Concept – Yes! Memorizing pick up lines – No! You should memorize some general guidelines when talking to a woman (if you don’t feel confident enough to be 100% spontaneous). However, you should definitively not try to memorize pick-up lines or any other lines for that matter. This especially goes for those guys that are insecure and nervous around ladies.

Talking to beautiful women is actually very easy but every man needs to learn this the hard way. Also, keep in mind that there is no man that is always successful when approaching and talking to women. Therefore, it is completely normal that some women won’t be interested in talking to you.  However, that should never stop you from approaching them and talking to the ones that are interested.

Now that you know how to talk to beautiful women you should really read about Things You Should Never Say To Beautiful Women.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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