Sure Ways On How To Tell If She Likes You

Let’s make a short review on how to conclude if a woman is into you

Sometimes women can give off some mixed emotions.

They are very moody creatures and emotionally unpredictable so it is no wonder men need help in identifying if a beautiful woman is interested in him.

It is easy to confuse friendliness with a sexual interest and that is why men must be constantly alert while in the presence of a beautiful woman he finds attractive.

Some signs you can look for is going to be in her body language. For example, when you are engaged in conversation, she may be twirling her hair.

If in a group setting, she will be right next to you instead of others.

She will open up and reveal more personal details about herself.

Some women will even discuss their past, present and future to show their interest.

If she is constantly smiling at you while sober will be one of the best indications that she really likes you.  More subtle signs will be feminine giggles, accidentally brushing against you on purpose, or pretending to be coy.Does she like me

If you just are not that perceptive or do not have the patience to examine her body language, there are some sure ways to tell if she likes you or not, however these five suggestions are only recommended for the more adventurous, impatient, and males that are lacking in the smartness department.

NOTE:  These more unconventional ways on “how to tell if she likes you or not” may result in a slap or groin kick.

Use these methods at your own risk:

1.)  Write down on a napkin “Do you like me?”.  Give her a crayon and ask her to circle “yes” or “no”.

2.)  Make her pay for her own date.  If she really likes you she will agree to go out with you again.

3.)  Introduce her to your parents.  If she doesn’t run away then she likes you.

4.)  Invite her to come back to your place.

If she doesn’t mind sneaking past your sleeping roommate then she REALLY likes you.

5.)  Tell her that you want kids, lots and lots of kids.  She will either jump your bones or run out of the door quicker than lager turns to urine.Does she like me

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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