Influence of Female Beauty on Our Society

The Great Influence of Female Beauty on Our Society

Cultural influence on female beauty standards is evident around the world and throughout the history. However, what if we look at the things from the different perspective – the other way around: how does female beauty influence our culture, everyday life and society in general?

Female beauty has been praised since the beginning of the mankind. The only thing that has changed over time is the definition of female beauty – beauty standards.

No Muse – No Art as We Know It

It is really difficult to imagine art without beautiful women to inspire artists since it is a fact that most of them had their muses – usually beautiful women that they were in love with and passionate about.

Art has a great influence of our society (films, songs, paintings, photos, literature, etc) and beautiful women have a great influence on artists. Thus, art is greatly influenced by beautiful women.

Of course there would always be some form of art but without the “beautiful woman phenomenon” it would be much different.

Beauty is a Multibillion Dollar Industry – Economical Impact

The influence of female beauty on our society is probably most evident in the field of economy. Thanks to the statistics the influence of female beauty on our society can be calculated in numbers – more precisely in dollars – hundreds of billions of dollars!

Reportedly, in 2012 women from around the world have spent whooping 124 billions of dollars on cosmetic products, skincare and hair care products and services; about 86 billions of dollars on plastic surgeries; 76 billions of dollars on non- and minimal-invasive beauty treatments and 114 billions of dollars on dieting products and weight-loss programs.

The impact of the female beauty phenomena on the world’s economy as well on the women’s behavior is evident.

The Social Value of Female Beauty

Why would women from around the globe spend about 400 billions of dollars on “beauty” products and procedures? Why would they sacrifice so much and even risk their health just to be perceived as attractive by others  and themselves?

The answer is: the value of physical beauty. Unfortunately, physical beauty has a staggering value in our society. It is an asset that everybody wants. If you had a beauty magic wand and you asked every single person in your town or city: “Do you want me to make you beautiful?” What do you think the answer would be in 99% of the cases?

The value of female beauty can be classified in two major categories: the social value and the market value.

In short, the social value of physical female beauty is very high – the more beautiful the woman is the more attention she gets, the more “mating” options she has and she enjoys numerous other social benefits that a ordinary looking woman can only dream about.

The Market Value of Female Beauty

A beautiful woman can make hundreds of millions of dollars just for being beautiful. The only thing she needs to do is to put some clothes on and walk the runway or pose in front of the camera.Influence of Female Beauty on Our Society

Question: Who would you higher: A – an ordinary looking woman with excellent job skills or, B – a beautiful woman with excellent job skills?

Beautiful women get hired easier and get paid more for equal work.

Chances are you have heard of Anna Kornikova who is one of the best known tennis stars worldwide but do you know that she had never won a WTA single title and that she had never been one of the top 7 female tennis players?

In fact, there are roughly 100 female tennis players that were better and much more successful than her (in the past 20 years); how many of them do you know about?

Needless to say, Kornikova made much more money than most of her colleagues that were much better tennis players than her – thanks to the advertisements.

So what was her secret weapon? She had (and still has) good looks. She is an attractive young woman and one of the most beautiful tennis players in the history of this sport.

The market value as well as the social value of physical beauty is evident and it is no wonder why women are prepared to do almost anything to appear as attractive as possible.

To conclude, the effects of female beauty on our society are immense and obvious. Also, what you have read above is only a small part of those effects.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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