Beautiful Italian Women Directory

Italian Beauties Are Gorgeous & Glamorous

Italian ladies are famous for their sense of fashion and high standards but they are also strikingly beautiful as you can see bellow. 

Bianca Balti is a stunning Italian model with a beautiful smile. She is simply irresistible! 

Elena Santarelli - an alluring blonde and one of the most beautiful tall Italian women in the modeling industry. 

Manuela Arcuri - a captivating brunette and one of the most attractive Italian television presenters. 

Maria Grazia Cucinotta is an ageless beauty with a hypnotic look. She is a true Italian femme fatal.  

Sophia Loren is one of the most famous actresses of all times. Her beauty was captivating. 

Claudia Cardinale - mesmerizing natural beauty that the whole Europe was crazy about. 

Elisabetta Canalis - an Italian brunette that can seduce any man including the most desired bachelor. 

Vanessa Hessler is a glamorous beauty with a perfect body and beautiful eyes. 

Melita Toniolo - elegant, sensual and charming lady from Italy. 

Monica Bellucci is a beautiful Italian actress with an irresistible appeal. 

Stefania Bivone-Gorgeous miss Italia 2011.

Elisabetta Gregoraci - flammable woman with long legs and black hair.

Laura Torrisi-sensual brunette with beautiful dark eyes.

Monica Vitti - An Italian cinematographic legend.

Giulia Arena - Gorgeous Miss Italy 2013

Luna Voce - Beautiful Miss Universe Italy 2013

Melissa Satta - Italian Television presenter and a karatist.

Virna Lisi - One of the greatest and most beautiful Italian actresses

Susanna Canzian - Alluring Italian brunette

There is something so special about the Italian beauties. They are very elegant and ladylike, but at the same time they are energetic and filled with passion. 

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.