Jin Mei Xin – Strikingly Beautiful Chinese Model

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Birth Name: Olwen Jin Mei Xin (金美辛)

Date of Birth: Aug 21, 1989

Place of Birth: Heilongjiang Province, China

Nationality: Chinese

Origin: Chinese/Korean

Occupation: Model, actress

Height: 5 feet 6 in; 1.75 m

Measurements: 34-22-35 (in); 86-56-90 (cm)

Mei Xin in one sentence – Jin is a ravishing and a mind blowing Chinese beauty with an amazing charisma.


I don’t care about the fashion as much as I should but I love everything that has to do with the modeling job.

I have few but very good friend and many acquaintances.

Interesting Facts:

She is also known as Olwen Jin

She graduated from the Beijing Film Academy.

Jin has many tattoos. Some of them are visible and others are well hidden. The two large ones on her back, the one on her ankle and the one on her upper thigh are well visible when she wears bikini or lingerie. The others are a mystery as her beauty and personality are.

One tattoo in particular is very interesting and it caused quite a big buzz. It is a tattoo saying ‘Chris Cheung’ on her upper thigh. Who is the lucky guy is one of hers well kept secret.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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