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Birth name: Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion

Date of Birth: April 7, 1985

Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines

Nationality: Philippine

Occupation: Actress, singer, television host

Height: 5 ft 5 in; 1.65 m

Measurements: 32.7-22.8-33.5 (in); 83-58-85 (cm)

Concepcion in one sentence – Kc is a beautiful woman, talented actress and singer, well educated individual and a charming lady.


In a way, people forget that life changes every week, every month, every year…

I’m a real person with real feelings and with real instincts. 

I studied Corporate Communications and I really like the whole thing about products and branding and all of that stuff, so I’m really curious about how that all applies to people.

I never really had a comfort zone. 

Sometimes I cry and laugh at the same time!

People, in general, question everything that you do which can be stressful sometimes. 

There are 32 KCs you don’t know.

Interesting Facts: 

Concepcion is a famous Philippine actress and a singer. However, one could say that she is best known for her career as a television actress. On the other side this beautiful Philippine woman is also a popular singer with many great singles. In any event, one thing is certain; she is one of the most beautiful and most popular female celebrities in Philippines.

Her mother is a Philippine’s Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

She has a bachelor’s degree in International Corporate Communications.

She lived in Paris for five years (she graduated from the American University of Paris).

In 2008, Concepcion was appointed by the United Nations World Food Program as a Philippine’s National Ambassador Against Hunger.

Kc won many awards including: New Movie Actress of the Year Award 2009, Best Film Debut Performer 2010, Princess of Philippine Movies 2009, Most Promising Female Star of Movies and TV 2009, etc.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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