Laura Cosoi – Alluring Romanian Celebrity 

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Birth Name: Laura Ana Cosoi

Date of Birth: January 2, 1982

Place of Birth: Iasi, Romania

Nationality: Romanian

Occupation: Actress, model, dancer

Height: 5 ft  in; 1.68m

Cosoi in one sentence: Laura is a beautiful woman who enjoys being on the scene. 


I only had long-term relationships.

I grew up in Iasi, in a large family of people who have protected and loved me continuously.

I learned that anyone can be replaced.

When you become completely relaxed about something, somehow, whatever that is, is about to happen.

I like to take care of my house.

I did sports and dancing all my life and I advice both men and women to be physically active.

Interesting Facts:

  • Laura did ballet until the age of 12 and participated in many dance competitions.
  • Cosoi  was teaching dance, and earned a lot of money doing it, although she was very young at that time.
  • She graduated from University Alexandru Ion Cuza din Iasi (Philosophy).
  • In 2005 she starred in the television show "Girls with glue ".

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.