Leticia Castro – Beautiful Mexican Model and Actress

Leticia Castro Gallery
Birth Name: Leticia Castro

Date of Birth: October 17

Place of Birth: California, USA

Nationality: American, Mexican

Origin: Mexican

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter

Height: 5 ft 3in; 1.60m

Measurements: 34-23-34 (in); 86-58-86 (cm)

Castro in one sentence: Leticia is a gorgeous Latina with a perfect smile and a curvaceous body.


My mother is an amazing person.

Everything is up to our own decisions.

If you are more aware of what you do not want, than what you do want cannot come true.

The more you brag the less you have.

There is nothing like ending the day with a smile on your face.

New day, is for new challenges.

There is nothing more delicious than mangoes.. The best fruit in the world!

Life would be nothing if we didn’t have to face new challenges…

There are so many things I have yet to understand, but what I do understand is the power of love.

Smiling is one of the best things you can do, think about it. It’s good for you & everyone around.

It’s not about where you are. It’s who you’re with.

Interesting Facts:

Leticia was discovered at the age of 5 at a mall in California by a talent scout for Disney Channel.

Leticia started her modeling career as well her acting career at the age of 15.

Her first ad campaign was for Anti-Tobacco.

She became popular with her role in the Univision’s hit show “Nuestra Belleza Latina”.

She played in many television shows including “Melodia de Amor“ and  “Rocio Del Carmen”.

She participated in many beauty contests and was always the winner or a runner up.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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