Modern and Exotic Beautiful Libyan Women

Libyan beauties are strong, beautiful and desirable

Libya is a desert country in Africa.

97% of the population are Muslim and laws are governed based on this fact.  Since Gaddafi, women in Libya have many rights.  More so than other Muslim nations. However, now that Gaddafi is gone their rights and status are in question as many other things.

They have been able to vote, own land, drive, and walk around freely.   However, these rights are not as socially practiced. Today it is uncommon for them to go veiled.   These women do appear in social life ‘just’ as a wife and mother however modern Libyan women have emerged from this role.  Below are more things about what to expect from beautiful Libyan women:

    • Libyan women have many looks but olive skin, dark hair and eyes dominate.  They wear cosmetics, fashionable clothing, and many do wear a modern head scarf. For the most part they dress conservatively by covering their knees and shoulders.  In more rural parts of Libya is it common to see women in a veil.  Libyan women are very feminine and always take great regard in their appearances.  They are not high maintenance, but they will almost never be seen not well dress and appropriately presented.
  • Education is extremely important and even encouraged today.  These women pursue a high level degree and can be found in many areas of the workforce.  In recent years they have stepped into positions of power but there is a distant gap with the male to female ratio.  These women can work freely and reserved jobs are nursing, teaching, and performing in clerical duties.Beautiful Libyan Women
    • Marriage is always the forefront of any Muslim culture.  Arranged marriages are still common, however today women can marry whom they wish as long as he is Muslim.  Even after having children, it is likely that she will return to the workforce.  Beautiful Libyan women are encouraged to take advantage of working, early retirement, and collecting a pension.  Libyan’s (Gaddafi’s) government has made it so these women have access to free day care wile working.
    • Libyan women are always being productive.  They are still expected to perform domestic roles.  So far they have not given up their traditional values and will be subservient to their husbands to an extent.  These women do not mingle with other men and create tight bonds with other females and family members.  They participate in sports, shopping, and do not ever lay around.  Younger ladies do go clubbing, however it is not a common practice like in western states.

Beautiful Libyan Women

There are many accounts online of what beautiful Libyan women expect in men.  They are easily approachable and come off as timid.  These women are raised to ignore overbearing men.  Here is a summary of what modern Libyan women find desirable in men.

  • He must be a good Muslim.  She will expect him to be faithful, and reserved in nature.  She will also marry a man that is a good five years older.
  • Beautiful Libyan women are very keen when it comes to their looks and expect men to be the same way.
  • Libyan women are very feminine.  They admire men that respect that and cater to their feminism.  They do not hang around men, but appreciate men that treat them like goddesses in the home.
  • Family is important to Libyan women.  Usually she will become a part of her husband’s extended family and she will be looking for more modern values from her potential spouse’s kin. Old school traditional families will be a complete turn off to a modern Libyan lady.
  • A well respected man with financial stability is a major plus.  Even today she will likely expect her potential mate to bring home more money than her.

  To sum up, beautiful Libyan women are strong and free thinking today.  They are enjoying their rights and are slowly going against what society expects from them. They work, are educated, and can exhibit their likes and dislikes.  These women do not need to be rescued and hardly ever marry outside of their ethnic group.  They still possess traditional values and would be a perfect catch for a man that is modern in thinking and respects women as their peers.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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