Luna Voce – Miss Universe Italy 2013

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Birth Name: Luna Isabella Voce

Date of Birth: April 4, 1988

Place of Birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nationality: Italian

Origin: Italian/Dutch

Occupation: Model, stylist

Height: 5 ft, 9 in; 1.75m

Measurements: 38-24-36.5(in); 96.5-61-92.7(cm)

Voce in one sentence: Luna is a beautiful Italian brunette who follows her dreams and is very committed to self-improvement.


My mother keeps telling me not to expect anything because it would make me upset.

The models I admire are Liz Hurley and Francesca Chillemi.

I like to play football with my friends.

An ideal man for me is the one who is tall, protective, caring and with a good sense of humor. 

I would like to be an actress or a television presenter.

I participated in the beauty contest in order to improve myself as a person, to challenge myself to be more elegant, more communicative, to learn to speak in front of an audience, have a right posture, and make friends more easily in a new environment.

My dream since I was a child is to create my own magazine.

I am creative, persistent, determined and studious, and I always strive to make other people smile.

I enjoy traveling, dancing and learning foreign languages.

I would like to become an author of a novel, movie or a classical ballet script in the future.

Interesting Facts: 

Luna’s mother is of Italian descent and her father is Dutch.

She speaks five languages.

Luna was a writer for a German newspaper and a photojournalist for the European Soccer Championship.

She designed evening gowns for beauty pageants.

She was a finalist at the Miss Italia pageant in 2008 and entered the 2011 Miss Nederland pageant, placing in the Top 6 finalists.

Luna was crowned Miss Universe Italy 2013.

She was selected The Top Model of The World 2012.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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