Marion Caunter – One of the Most beautiful Malaysian Women on Television

Marion Caunter – A Vibrant Malaysian Beauty

Marion Caunter Gallery

Birth Name: Marion Rose Caunter Abdullah

Date of Birth: November 5, 1980

Place of Birth: Penang, Malaysia

Nationality: Malaysian

Origin: Chinese/Portuguese/English

Occupation: Television personality

Height: 6 feet 6 in; 1.67 m

Famous as/for: Marion is one of the most famous female television personalities in Malaysia.


I grew up in Penang where most of my best friends were Indians. After I moved to KL, most of my best friends are Malays. I’m from a mixed-marriage family.

I think it is the various communities living in harmony that makes Malaysia such a beautiful place to live in. It is great to look beyond our religon and race and enjoy each other’s beautiful culture.

Interesting Facts:

Her mother is Chinese and her father is half Portuguese half English, but she considers herself as a proud Malaysian.

She has a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and electronic communications from the Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA).

Caunter in one sentence – Marion is a ravishing Malaysian woman with a beautiful smile.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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