Marisa Mell –Tragic Austrian Beauty

Marisa Was a Very Sensual Woman With A Tragic Destiny

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Birth name: Marlies Theres Moitzi

Date of Birth:  February 24, 1939

Place of Birth: Graz, Austria

Nationality: Austrian

Occupation: Actress

Height: 5 ft 8 in; 1.73 m

Measurements: 38-24-38 (in); 97-61-97 (cm)

Famous for: Marisa was a cult figure of 1960s Italian B-movies. She is best known for the role of Eva Kant in Danger: Diabolik (1968).


I was never proud of my beauty; I was rather bothered by it. It was a tragedy: Every man wanted me, but no man wanted to keep me.

Movies are my life, and my life is a movie.

Interesting Facts

Marisa was involved in a violent automobile accident in France in 1963. She barely survived and she spent two years undergoing plastic (corrective) surgery. Luckily no damage remained in her face except a little curl at her upper lip.

In 1968 David Merrick produced and Vincente Minnelli directed a stage play about Mata Hari with Marisa in the title role opposite Pernell Roberts. After a preview performance in Washington, D.C. that became infamous for its numerous technical problems the producer decided to close the production before its scheduled Broadway run.

Marisa loved to paint and one of her hobbies was astrology.

Mell was good friends with Brigitte Bardot in the 1970s.

She turned down a seven-year Hollywood contract for being too demanding.

On November 26, 1977, she gave birth to a baby daughter, Louisa Erika, in Rome. It was a premature delivery, and the girl died the same day.

Marisa died on May 16, 1992 (aged 53) of throat cancer in poverty with only a few friends attending her funeral.

Marisa Mell in one sentence – Marisa was one of the most beautiful Austrian women, however as much as she was beautiful she was unlucky.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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