Marta Dimoska – Lovely Macedonian Lady With A Beautiful Mind 

Marta Dimoska Gallery

Birth Name: Marta Dimoska

Date of Birth: ?

Place of Birth: ?

Nationality: Macedonian

Occupation: Model, actress, painter

Height: ?

Measurements: ? (in); ? (cm)

Dimoska in one sentence: Marta is a beautiful woman inside-out, a humanitarian, a person who turns her failures into success and she is one of the greatest role models for becoming generations.


Alternative fashion is a challenge that engages young creative minds giving them the opportunity to have the perspective they lacked.

I love and write poetry.

Working as a humanitarian deeply fulfills me.

I love sports such as handball, which I often play.

I am a fully energetic person that always has time for everything! I am eager to master as much as I can, and have various knowledge in many fields, because I believe that a woman should be complete and independent.

I never judge a person by their outer looks, looks fade!

My style varies depending on which century I wake up in.

Looks is not what we achieved, a person has it due to genes she or he carries; the beauty I value is the one from the inside, because only that beauty is limitless!!!!

A beautiful mind is what attracts me and arouses me!

I am very into science.

One of my greatest passions is Science especially in the field of Nanotech. I'm also interested in programming and renewable energy.

Honesty is my supreme goal.

Being fully aware of who you are, the way you are represented and how others look at you is always a hard thing to 'crack'.

I believe I know myself.

I have a lot of love in my heart especially for the ones closest to me.

I believe I am a person with a strong, bold and strict character, but yet a warm soul and a caring heart.

I am determined to achieve my goals, where hard work is needed and an eager creative mind.

I want to inspire people; because I don't give up, life doesn't frighten me, neither does failure.

I want to make the difference that I want to see in this world and I'm aiming to reach it.

Being a complete woman with no demons, a right daughter, a sister, a mother, a lover, a supporter, a an exhausting but fulfilling and honorable thing.

The only way to really live and to change the world is by pushing your limits and getting out of your comfort zone!

Interesting Facts:

  • She is an alternative Macedonian Model represented by MakModels Agency.
  • Marta worked with many famous photographers and designers in Macedonia bringing the European Alternative Styles such as Retro,Vintage, Pin-Up, Goth and Cosplay into the Macedonian Fashion.
  • Dimoska is a member of various humanitarian organizations and NGO's that work with ethnic and youth problems. 
  • She speaks several foreign languages.
  • She participated in various competitions and won many prizes. Marta was the team leader at the N.A.S.A Space Apps Macedonia Tech competition where her team won the first prize.
  • Marta is attending the Faculty of technology and metallurgy in Skopje (Capital of Macedonia) - Nanotechnology and Material Engineering.
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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.