Melania Trump – The Most famous Slovenian Beauty

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Birth name: Melanija Knavs

Date of Birth: April 26, 1970

Place of Birth: Sevnica, Slovenia

Nationality: Slovenian

Occupation: Model, activist, socialite, jewelry designer

Height: 5ft 11in; 1.80 m

Melania Trump in one sentence – Melania is beautiful woman, talented designer and a true lady.


You cannot please everybody. Therefore just have your own life and be honest to yourself. 

Donald and I always talk about everything despite the fact that he is busy with his stuff and I’m busy with my stuff. 

Being a mother is the most special thing in life which is why I try to cherish every moment with my son. 

Donald doesn’t change diapers and I’m okay with it because I feel that it is my job. 

I made a luxury jewelry line that is affordable because I want women from across the country to have a chance to wear something beautiful and special and not have to spend fortune on it. 

I like to help people because they are not all fortunate and they really need our help. 

Interesting Facts: 

Melania began her modeling career at tender age of 16.

She has a degree in design and architecture (from the University of Ljubljana).

She has own jewelry collection inspired by her three favorite cities (New York, Paris and Palm Beach).

Her favorite movie is Top Gun with Tom Cruz (who is her favorite actor).

Despite the fact that she is very talented, this gorgeous Slovenian woman is best known for being the wife of the American billionaire Donald Trump.

Melania wore a $200 000 dress for her wedding.

She is a goodwill ambassador for the American Red Cross.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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