Menaye Donkor – An Exotic Ghanaian Beauty Queen and a Remarkable Woman

Menaye Donkor Gallery
Birth Name: Menaye Donkor

Date of Birth: 1981

Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada

Nationality: Canadian by birth; Ghanaian by national origin (both of her parents are Ghanaian)

Occupation: Model, actress, philanthropist

Height: 5 feet 11 in; 1.80 m

Measurements: 91-63-92

Famous as/for: This beautiful Ghanaian woman became famous after she was crowned Miss Ghana Universe 2004. Today she is one of the most famous Ghanaian models, a great philanthropist and a successful entrepreneur.


Africans are known to be happy people with vibrant colors and over the top designs.

I saw the good deed my parents were doing for the community and wanted to continue the family legacy.

Interesting Facts:

Menaye has four brothers and two sisters (she is the youngest).

Menaye Donkor was born in Toronto, Canada but she spent most of her life in Ghana (both of her parents are Ghanaian).

Menaye’s paternal grandmother was the Queen mother of Agona Asafo. It seems that Menaye is the new Queen of that Ghanaian region (unofficially) due to her many efforts to make that region a better place to live in.

Her name is sometimes spelled Meyane Donkor.

Donkor has a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing from York University in Toronto, Canada (she graduated with honors).

In 2004 she was crowned Miss Ghana Universe

She is the founder of the Menaye Charity Foundation.

Through her Charity Foundation Donkor supports the Menaye International School and an orphanage in the eastern region of Ghana, providing medical care for over 600 orphans infected with HIV or AIDS.

She runs the Menaye International School (her parents founded this none-profit school in 2001 but Menaye took over the full responsibility for running the school in 2006). The Menaye International School provided education for over 500 underprivileged children. The school is rapidly developing and growing and the number of pupils is constantly rising.

Manaye is a successful businesswoman; she runs her own property development company and is involved in the other entrepreneur projects as well.

In 2010 the Menaye and Sulley Muntari (the famous footballer) got married in Accra on Christmas Day.

Donkor in one sentence – Menaye is beautiful inside-out.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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