Mezhgan Hussainy – Sophisticate Afghan beauty

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Birth name: Mezhgan Hussainy

Date of Birth: March 28, 1973

Place of Birth: Afghanistan

Nationality: Afghan (naturalized American)

Occupation: Makeup Artist

Height: 5 ft 5 in; 1.65 m

Measurements: ?

Hussainy in one sentence – Mezhgan is a true lady and an inspirational individual.


Every day I thank my parents for leaving Afghanistan because God knows what would have happened to us if we stayed there.

The thing I like best about my job is all the people I meet and the way they feel after I do their makeup.

I try to do everything I can to help children and women in Afghanistan.

Anything can be done right with moderation and within the limits. 

Interesting Facts: 

  • Mezhgan was born into an upper-class in Afghanistan. Her family owned a successful business and enjoyed very comfortable life (they had a cook, a nanny, a driver and housekeepers). All that ended in 1979 when Soviets envied Afghanistan which resulted in the rise of Taliban…
  • Hussainy is the founder of the FARAWAY Foundation which is a Non-Profit Organization whose main goal is to help rebuild schools and hospitals. She is also an ardent advocate for women’s and children’s rights in Afghanistan. 
  • Hussainy is one of the most famous and most successful Hollywood makeup artists. 
  • She was engaged to Simon Cowell.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.