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Birth name: Milica Natasha Jovovic

Date of Birth: December 17, 1975

Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine

Nationality: Ukrainian by birth; naturalized American

Origin: Russian/Serbian

Occupation: Actress, model, singer, songwriter

Height: 5 ft 8½ in; 1.74 m

Measurements: 34B-22-33 in; 83-56-84 cm

Milla Jovovich in one sentence – Milla is a flammable and multi talented young woman with a quite charming personality.


I was the only right actress in Hollywood for the movie “Resident Evil” because I love the game and was born to play that part. 

In high school (in United States) I was called a commie and a Russian spy. I was never, ever, ever accepted into the crowd.

I have only few real friends.

Interesting Facts: 

Milla was born in Kiev Ukraine; therefore she is Ukrainian by birth. She lived in Ukraine for about five years then she moved to U.K. (London) and then to United States where she got the American citizenship and thus is a naturalized American.

However, when it comes to her origin she is half Serbian (her father is dr. Bognad Bogdanovic Jovovic, a Serb) and half Russian (her mother is Galina Mikhaylovna Loginova, a Russian actress).

Jovovich is best known for her acting career even though she was also a quite successful model.

In 2002 Jovovich was voted the Most Attractive Female Movie Star by the Australian Empire Magazine September 2002.

Milla is a tough girl; she loves martial arts and practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu regularly.

Despite the fact that she is left-handed she is quite skilful with her right hand as well (she shoots with her right hand).

She is not just a singer she also plays a guitar.

In 2009 Jovovich was named one of the “Twenty Most Beautiful People of the Decade” by Interview magazine.

Jovovic is fluent in Russian, English, French and Serbian.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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