Most Beautiful Women Of All Time - BWP Hall Of Fame

Note: beautiful women that are inducted into the Beautiful Women Pedia Hall Of Fame are all strikingly beautiful. Therefore, there is no #1 or #100; these ladies are all #1!

The Most Beautiful Women Of All Time Are:

Aida Dapo - Mesmerizing Bosnian Beauty

Aida loves everything that has to do with the period between 1920's and 1960's. 

She feels like she was born ahead of her time and in the wrong era. However, that is not stopping her from living her dream.

Aida is a very intelligent and well-rounded young lady with a gorgeous face and charming personality. 

She is very interesting person indeed.

Adriana Karembeu - Fascinating Slovakian Blonde 

Adriana is for sure one of the most beautiful Slovakian women.

This stunning European blonde started her very successful modeling career at the age of 26; which is quite brave considering that many female models end their modeling career ones they get close to 30.

Jin Mei Xin - Stunning Chinese Girl

This angelic Chinese model/actress has a quite wild side to her, which is one of the reasons she is among the most desirable Chinese women in the world.

She is also a very feminine and innocent looking Asian girl with a hypnotic look. 

Monica Bellucci - Italian Goddess

Monica is an ageless Italian beauty that gets even more beautiful with time. 

Everything about her is sensual and seductive. She is also a great actress and she is fluent in four languages (Italian,English, French and Spanish).

Quote: After love, the man sleeps while woman reflects. 

Priyanka Chopra - Gorgeous Indian Woman

Priyanka is a flammable Indian lady that is not afraid to push the boundaries. 

After being crowned Miss World 2000 her life changed rapidly and she was offered to become an actress. 

Her provocative image is often criticized by the Indian media but that doesn't stop her from speaking her mind and fighting for what she believes in. 

Megan Fox - American Stunner

Megan is a magnificent American beauty with a wild side. 

She became world famous actress after playing one of the leading roles in the Hollywood's mega hit Transformers.

Quote: Sometimes I say things that I think are obviously sarcastic and people take them quite literally.

Irina Shayk - Gorgeous Russian Lady

Irina is a perfect representative of the exotic Russian female beauty.

She has a gorgeous face and a flawless body but the most attractive thing about her is her sensuality and seductive look.

Quote: You have to be beautiful on the inside to keep men interested.

Vanessa Fonseca - Beautiful Brazilian Girl

Vanessa is a magnetic Brazilian models that looks amazing in bikini as well as in the dress or pants.

This natural beauty has the perfect body measurements and a million dollar smile. She is also quote religious and very humble. 

Princess Amira Al Taweel - Sophisticated Arab Beauty

Her Highness is a remarkably beautiful woman with lots of class. 

She is also an ardent activist for the rights of women and children from around the world.

Princess Amira is visiting and working with orphans, sick children and abused women across the world.

Madalina Ghenea - Captivating Romanian Woman

Madalina is the Romanian perfection and one of the most beautiful tall women in the world (she is 5 ft 11 in; 1.80 m).

Ada Aimee De La Cruz - Breathtaking Dominican Beauty

Ada Aimee is a Dominican Cinderella that rose to fame from her humble roots.

Ada was raised in a humble home with little money but that didn’t stop her from graduating from the University, becoming two times Miss Dominican Republic and becoming a Deputy Mayor; and she accomplished all that by the age of 23!

Sofia Vergara - Dazzling Colombian Brunette 

There is no doubt that Sofia is a beautiful woman but the most attractive thing about her is her amazing personality.

This Colombian model/actress has so much positive energy despite the fact that she is a cancer survivor and has had a challenging life.

Tanya Manganyi - Amazing African Beauty

Tanya is one of the most beautiful black women in the world. 

This South African model is simply magnificent. 

Beautiful women are God's most beautiful creation indeed... 

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.