Natalia Barbu – An Alluring Moldovan Lady

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Birth name: Natalia Barbu

Date of Birth: August 22, 1979

Place of Birth: Balţi, Moldova

Nationality: Moldovan

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, composer

Height: 1.75 m

Measurements: 86-60-90 (cm)

Famous for: Barbu is one of the most famous Moldovan female singers and the leading pop-rock singer in the country. This beautiful Moldovan artist is also very popular Romania and other countries in the region.


(on: what kind of men do you like) I like smart and loving men whom you can trust and rely on. It is so pleasant when there is someone that can protect you from the ills of life.

Music is my life.

When ever I feel blue there is music to cheer me up.

Rock is the much more than music it is a life style.

Interesting Facts:

Natalia Barbu graduated from the Academy of Music (she plays violin as the first instrument).

In 2003 Natalia was officially named the Moldovan most attractive woman at the National Contest of Pop Music (Moldostar).

Throughout her career Barbu has worked with a group of visionary musicians called Trigon on an alternative jazz-folk experiment.

Natalia writes lyrics and music for most of her songs.

Barbu’s single “My Angel” that she released in Romania made her famous in that country. The single was number one on the Romanian top 100 list for eleven weeks.

In 2007 Natalia represented Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Fight.

Barbu eats vegetable salads, drink fruit juices and regularly practices in order to maintain her perfect shape.

After a long day she relaxes by listening to classic music and watching a good movie.

Her favorite alcohol drink is champagne.

Barbu in one sentence – Natalia is a multi talented Moldovan beauty and an inspirational young woman (artist).

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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