Do Men Find Natural Beautiful Women More Attractive?

The Magic Of Natural Beauties

Find out if the natural beauties are more or less attractive than ones that improve their appearance with aesthetic surgeries.

This topic is really a no brainer. Women all over inquire if men prefer natural beauty as opposed to women that mask themselves behind face paints, tarantula eyelashes, and glamorous clothing.

There are pros & cons to both of these qualities in women but in reality, it boils down to what kind of woman he is looking for.

Ones that cannot lay down on a white pillow without making it look like a tied dyed, or ones that can walk out of the house in 5 minutes and still look hot.

The homely or the girl next door look is very appealing to men for several reasons.

First, men know what these women look like in all of their glory and are not being visually deceived. As well, women without enhancements appear to be more confident in their looks.

Also, men tend to be under the assumption that natural looking women are less maintenance and not out to draw attention to themselves.

Overall, they find these women to be “wifey” material. Women that are covered in face paints are thought to be more feminine by many men.

A lot of men appreciate the fact that their ladies are willing to spend hours in order to look good for them.

They also see these women as adventurous in bed and more risque. Also, these women draw a bit more attention to themselves from other men which in turn makes their lovers feel admired.

Essentially, these enhanced beautiful women are perceived to be “hot and great in bed” material. To end, all over you will see that most men SAY that they prefer natural beautiful women which is a load of B.S.

Men are attracted to appearance first.

What they mean by “natural beauty” is women that do not wear orange foundation, purple eye shadow, and blush so red it looks like her cheeks were smeared with burning lava.

Beauty is beauty whether she enhances it with face paints or not. In other words, men love beautiful women no matter if she wears make up as long as she does not look like a clown.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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