Nikol Stankulova – Gorgeous Bulgarian Ice lady

Nikol Stankulova Gallery
Birth name: Nikol Stankulova (Никол Станкулова )

Date of Birth: October 23, 1931

Place of Birth: Sofia, Bulgaria

Nationality: Bulgarian

Occupation: Model, TV host

Stankulova in one sentence: Nikol is a stunning Bulgarian television host with strong will and beautiful mind.


I don’t consider my physical beauty as important as others do.

I have a strong character, and men perceive me as the ice lady.

If a woman act or appear vulgar, it is natural to receive incident proposals. Women’s behavior is the key of her integrity.

My mind leads me, never emotions nor drive.

The most pathetic people are those without ambition. 

Beauty is a combination of various qualities that one acquires during the whole life period.

Beauty is not static and just determined by your genes.

Persistence  is a path to success.

Interesting Facts:

At the age of 7, she became host on national television.

As a child she trained ballet, swimming and gymnastics.

She attended High School specialized for mathematic and she graduated with honors.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the National University.

Stankulova was voted The Most beautiful Bulgarian women for 2012.

Nikol considers Dilyana Popova to be the most beautiful Bulgarian woman.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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