Nikolina Pisek – Exotic Croatian Beauty

Nikolina Pisek Gallery
Birth name: Nikolina Pisek

Date of Birth: April 8, 1976

Place of Birth: Zagreb, Croatia,

Nationality: Croatian

Occupation: TV presenter, actress,

Height: 5.7 ft; 172 cm

Measurements: 33C-23-35

Famous for: Nicolina is a very talented television presenter, beautiful model (she posed for many magazines and she’s done several calendar shoots), and a gifted actress.


(On: How to be beautiful as you are?). Find a man that will love you because only he will adore you as if you are a flawless angel. Everything else is individual because beauty is in the eyes of the observer. In other words, you are not beautiful because you are beautiful but because someone’s eyes see you as such.

I know many women that are more successful than the men they are in relationship with, and they all have the same problem. Those men feel inferior and that causes many problems in a relationship.

Interesting Facts:

Nicolina is regarded as one of the most beautiful woman in Croatia.

She has a daughter, Hana.

Pisek in one sentence – Nikolina is one of the most beautiful Croatian female celebrities with a great appeal.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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