Noella Coursaris – An Amazing African Beauty

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Birth Name: Noella Coursaris

Date of Birth: December 25, 1982

Place of Birth: Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

Nationality: Congolese

Occupation: Model, humanitarian and philanthropist

Height: 5 feet 8 in; 1.73 m

Measurements: 86-60-87 (EU)

Famous as/for: Noella is one of the most successful African models and an ardent philanthropist and humanitarian.


The best day in my life was when I came back to Congo to be with my mum.

My personal dream is to set up an orphanage in my hometown (Lubumbashi). Something more intimate, unlike large institutions where the children aren’t individually taken care of. Through the orphanage, these children can get a better life and good education.

When my son is my age I want him to see a new Congo, with a strong leadership, with a lot of schools all over Congo.

I love to travel and discover different countries and different mentalities.

Africa is the future.

Interesting Facts:

Noella Coursaris was born in Congo in 1982. Unfortunately when she was only five years old her father passed away and her mother didn’t have the resources to support her. That is when her mother had to make the most difficult decision that a mother can make – she decided to send her daughter to Belgium to be raised by Noella’s aunt instead of keeping her (it turned out that she made the right decision).

Noella finished a high school despite the fact that she was often offered to become a model at young age. Her goal was to finish her education first and then to seek other opportunities in life if they present themselves.

When she was 18 years old Noella visited Congo to se her mother after 13 years of separation…

On completion of high school she move to London and entered a competition organized by Agent Provocateur. About 10,000 models participated but Noella won! From that point on she became one of the most photographed African beauties and she became a mainstream model with a very successful career.

Despite the fact that she had a great modeling career Noella decided to go back to school, and few years later she got a bachelor’s degree in Business.

As soon as this Gorgeous African beauty got her University diploma and established herself as a successful model she founded the Georges Malaika Foundation. GMF is the none-profit/humanitarian organization with the main goal of empowering African girls through education. Their other goals are: to end poverty and hunger, gender equality and child health.

Georges Malaika Foundation is named in memory of Noealla’s father Georges Malaika.

Her main goal is to implement free education (a very good education program for free) and free healthcare in Congo.

Noella Coursaris in one sentence – Noella is a gorgeous woman with great inner beauty; an intelligent and hardworking lady and an inspiring person.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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