Older Women Dating Younger Men

Read this 20 things to consider before jumping in a relationship with a younger partner.

1.If this is the first time you are in this situation, you will probably experience a bit of culture shock when discussing childhood pop culture references on TV shows, children’s toys and school experiences.

You may have more to share by having these divergences, but it can also be somewhat alienating for two individuals who are accustomed to sharing all these cultural references.

2.When the age difference is enough that the woman is close in age to the man’s mother, then some motherly dynamics could come out in the relationship.

It can be very subtle and on either side of the relationship, which is why it is important to be honest and have clear communication surrounding expectations on both sides.

3.This shifts the power dynamic.

Many people in heterosexual relationships are used to subtle cues that the man is the one calling the shots.

This reversal in power dynamic can be a source of friction… or something kinky to explore.Older Women Dating Younger Men

4.Just because the woman is older, doesn’t mean she will be more financially stable.

Women from older generations typically worked less than current ones, so the man could still be more financially stable.

5.A younger man may have more vitality and energy to offer, but less experience.

He may be more willing to try new things and please her than a man who is accustomed to his habits and desires, but he may not always know how to approach things and may need guidance.

6.An older woman will have more experience and maturity, but less innocence and raw desire.

However, since women are known to experience a peak in sexual desire later than men, it’s entirely possible that they are a strong match on this point.

7.A younger man might also have less psychological and emotional maturity, which can cause friction if the woman is cast as taking responsibility for the relationship.

8.The age difference could bring up unexpected outcomes to discussions on children and life goals.

If one of the two wants more commitment than the other, it may be a deal-breaker.

Older Women Dating Younger Men9.On the flip side, if the woman has already had children and the man isn’t looking for any, they can both explore a sense of freedom.

If the woman has children and the man wants some eventually, then eventually this can lead to the end of the relationship, but can offer a very good learning experience for the man, while giving the woman a more casual type of affair if she is focused on her career or her children (or both!!).

10.If the woman has children the man’s age, there can be conflict or awkward feelings for the adult children.

11.Because the power dynamic related to age is reversed from the norm, both parties may find themselves somewhat disoriented if this is their first experience of this type.

It may take some time to adjust to some of the social cues, and common social time might be more limited if their friends are not so interested in similar activities.

12.Sometimes people will cast judgement on the situation.

Because it is more common for the man to be older in the relationship, a large age difference can yield to social embarrassments or awkward reactions from friends.

13.On the flip side, some friends will be very accepting and supportive and it can be an opportunity to further the relationship with friends and feel accepted and loved in social circles.Older Women Dating Younger Men

14.The older the woman, the more likely she will be very independent in her life and her career.

Older women who have already had children and built their career will be looking for something different in their partnership than a younger woman who might want support in those areas.

15.The greater the age difference, the more likely it is that age will be the biggest factor of contrast in the relationship. This does not mean that

16.Tensions can arise from varying levels of career achievement and life cycles that come with that.

17.An older woman is more likely to know what she wants and doesn’t want.

While this may mean more negotiation in the relationship and in the bedroom, it can also be very rewarding to have a partner who knows what they want, and on the reverse, someone who is more than likely up to the task!

18.People who are willing to come together over an age gap are more likely to be open-minded individuals, which can make for a much stronger and more explorative connection.

19.The woman will appreciate being regarded as wiser and having much more to offer than a young and attractive body – and she can still be very attractive!

20.The fact that this relationship is different than the norm does not make it any less valuable. Remember to have fun!

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