Beautiful Paraguayan Women

Beautiful Paraguayan Women Are Simply Splendid!

Paraguay is a land locked country in the heart of South America. With about 7 million residents, it is estimated that 40% are poor.

In the cities, Paraguay has all of the modern conveniences that bordering countries have. People here have a strong sense of national pride and football is what brings these people to the map; that and their unique women.

This beautiful South American country is home to the world’s largest drinking water reservoir, hospitable people, delicious food and some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Here are some more things to know about the women of Paraguay.

Paraguayan women come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. However, they are usually very curvy which is why men around the world are crazy about them. Modern Paraguay ladies are trendy in clothing and modestly dressed. In the rural parts not so much.

Take a look at these stunning Paraguayan women:

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  • Education is mandatory among all Paraguay children and the affluent women will gain higher degrees. Paraguay’s women have been a driving force of the economy for many years and are expected to work outside of the home AND do all domestic duties on the home front. Very few women work in politics and most others are agricultural workers or perform in the domestic service industries.

Beautiful Paraguayan Women

  • Paraguay females are primarily subservient to men. They are pressured to marry and have children once into adulthood. Domestic abuse is a problem however divorce is not common. Men often step out on their wives and wives are expected to be loyal.
  • Paraguayan women do participate in many activities. They can be found shopping, indulging in sports, and enjoying time with their families. Family is extremely important and this is how these women identify themselves. Chances are that a Paraguay woman will be a practicing Catholic and she is encouraged to stay pure until marriage.

Women in Paraguay do date and have free choice of mates. She will not likely go against her father’s wishes though. These women are a bit more conservative and rarely bring attention to themselves. Below are some dating tips.

    • Paraguayan women do not openly flirt and are timid. They are feminine but typically do not display public affection. Hand holding is fine but dramatic wet kisses are not.

Beautiful Paraguayan Women

  • These women are not known romantics but will accept any affection with open arms as long as it is socially acceptable. Bringing her flowers and small gifts will likely be expected.
  • Paraguay’s women love to show of their domestic skills. Taking her out to dinner and dancing is always nice, but if she wants to invite you over for a meal, do not turn it down or it will be considered rude.
  • Paraguay girls usually date within their race, however they have no problems with men of a lower social status as long as he is all man. A clingy man is not considered manly.
  • Paraguay’s women are enjoying their rights and fighting hard to gain more. Men that see these women as 2nd class citizens need to stay away from a modern woman. Traditional thinking is OK, but she will desire to be treated as an equal.

Paraguayan women are extremely loyal and caring individuals with the right to be free thinking. It is not likely that she will leave her homeland in order for a greener pasture because they are humble and perfectly happy. A nicer lifestyle is always desirable however this is not on their agendas. They just want to be equals and rightfully so. Landing one of Paraguay’s gorgeous ladies comes with great reward.

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