Is Physical Beauty a Curse or a Blessing?

Whether beautiful women are blessed or cursed by being beautiful is a quite complex question.

Beautiful women definitively enjoy a special treatment and a number of benefits in everyday life but they are also facing many obstacles, stereotypes, constant scrutiny and are exposed to many temptations.

Social Crucifixion 

Contrary to popular belief beautiful women face many problems in the “social department”. They are often labeled as dull, ignorant, self-centered, spoiled, beauty dolls, “incomplete” individuals and the list goes on and on.

These negative stereotypes of beautiful women have quite a big influence on their lives and if they don’t learn how to cope and deal with them in the right way the consequences can be very serious.

There are many reasons for the social crucifixion of beautiful women but the three major ones are:

1.Women feel very threatened by beautiful women – without going into too much detail just answer this questing: If a woman is asked to choose between leaving her boyfriend/husband alone with a beautiful woman or with a average looking woman what do you think her choice would be?Beauty a Curse or a Blessing

2.Men that can’t have a beautiful woman have to live with that fact, and living without something that you want so badly is very difficult. Therefore, men tend to convince themselves that beautiful women are some evil creatures that they really don’t want to be with, make love to, spend time with…

3.Mass media’s image of a beautiful woman – mass media has drastically contributed to the stereotypes of beautiful women as to many other stereotypes for that matter.

Pressure – Constant Scrutiny

Beautiful women are under constant pressure. They usually feel like they have to prove to others that they are not some blood/money suckers that only care about themselves.

They are frequently judged by others and they are well aware that everybody (men and women) is constantly checking them out.

Physical Beauty is a Great Slave and a Terrible Master

If you are blessed with physical beauty use it as a tool and don’t treat it as a life-long goal.

Female beauty is one of the most powerful tools in our society. Examples of other powerful tools are intelligence, knowledge, money and fame. As you know every powerful tool can be both: very useful and very destructive depending on the way it is used.

Take intelligence and knowledge for example, a superbly intelligent woman that works at the biochemical institute can use her genius to discover a cure for a deadly virus such as HIV. On the other side, she can use that same intelligence and knowledge to create a deadly virus and eventually cause the deaths of millions of people.

The same principal applies to other powerful “tools” including the physical beauty.Beauty a Curse or a Blessing

A beautiful woman can use her beauty to make hundreds of millions of dollars (like some of the supermodels did) or she can make enough money to put herself through school and then find a good job.

Due to the fact that female beauty is highly praised in our society a beautiful woman can make money in virtually numerous ways without compromising her integrity or reputation, especially if she has other qualities as well. On the other side, beautiful women face many temptations and have many opportunities to “lose their way”.

Physical beauty is definitively a double edged sword which is why it should be handled with caution. For example, a woman to whom physical beauty is a lifelong goal is pretty much condemning herself to a life of despair and ultimate ugliness.

To conclude, it is safe to say that a woman that only has a physical beauty is cursed whereas a woman that is beautiful inside-out is goddess-like. Anything in between (and most beauties are somewhere in between) is perfectly fine – a golden mean, as Aristotle would say.

Beauty a Curse or a Blessing - Beautiful tragic women


Beautiful Tragic Women

They were: beautiful; adored and admired by millions of people; desired by numerous men; rich and famous… but that wasn’t enough for their happiness.

These tragic beauties had it all but at the same time they had nothing.





Beauty a Curse or a Blessing - Beautiful Amazing Women

Beautiful Amazing Women

These beautiful women are not amazing due to their physical beauty (though they are very beautiful) but because they are changing this world for better and thus represent great role-models for the future generations.







Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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