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Queen Rania of Jordan Is One of Those Women That Change This World For Better

Birth name: Rania al Yassin

Date of Birth: August 31, 1970

Place of Birth: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Nationality: Jordanian

Origin: Palestinian

Occupation: Queen, great humanitarian


It’s an honor and a privilege to have that chance to make a difference, and it’s my responsibility to make the most out of that opportunity.

When we create one entrepreneur, they create three or four new jobs, sparking a chain reaction that seemingly does the impossible: create something out of nothing.

Children keep us in check. Their laughter prevents our hearts from hardening. Their dreams ensure we never lose our drive to make ours a better world. They are the greatest disciplinarians known to mankind.

Interesting Facts:

Her Majesty finished an English high school in Kuwait and a she got her university diploma in Egypt (she has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo).

On June 10, 1993 Rania married the Crown Prince of Jordan Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein, and she became a Princess of Jordan.

In 1999, when the Price became the king (after his fathers death) he proclaimed his wife, Princess Rania, a Queen consort of Jordan (22 March 1999).

On June 28, 1994 Her Majesty gave birth to their first child (Crown Prince Hussein).

Her Majesty is a mother of four children (Crown Prince Hussein, Princess Iman, Princess Salma and Prince Hashem).

In 1995 Her Majesty founded the Jordan River Foundation. The main goal of the JRF is to promote and fight for the children’s welfare and their rights.

In November 2000, Queen Rania of Jordan joined the Global Leadership Initiative of the United Nations Children’s Fund.

In 2002, Her Majesty joined the Board of Directors of the International Youth Foundation (based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA).

Later in 2002, the Queen became a member of the World Economic Forum Foundation Board.

In 2005 the Queen and the Ministry of Education established the Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education.

In 2009, the United Nations made Her Majesty the Honorary Chairperson for the UN Girls’ Education Initiative.

Her Majesty is the author of a number of children’s books including the book The Sandwich Swap which was the New York Times Bestseller in the category of children’s books in 2010.

In 2011 the Forbes magazine ranked Hey Majesty as one of the world’s 100 most powerful women in the World.

Queen Rania of Jordan in one sentence – Her Majesty is truly an amazing woman all around.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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