Quotes by Beautiful Women

Quotes by Beautiful Women – Wisdom of Beautiful Women

Below are the quotes by some of the most beautiful women of all times. Some of you may be surprised by their profound thoughts and wisdom.

  • We all have our imperfections. But I`m human and you know, it`s important to concentrate on other qualities besides outer beauty. (Beyonce Knowles)
  • Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.  (Marilyn Monroe)
  • The ideal man doesn't exist. A husband is easier to find. (Britt Ekland)
  • It is better to be unfaithful than to be faithful without wanting to be. (Brigitte Bardot)
  • Mistakes are a part of the dues one pays for a full life. (Sophia Loren)
  • I think we have become obsessed with beauty and personally I'm really saddened by the way women mutilate their faces today in search of that. (Halle Barry
  • Save one-third, live on one-third, and give away one-third (Angelina Jolie)
  • After love, the man sleeps, while the woman reflects. (Monica Bellucci)
  • I've never revealed myself or even my body in films. Mystery is very important. (Claudia Cardinale)
  • I was never proud of my beauty; I was rather bothered by it. It was a tragedy: Every man wanted me, but no man wanted to keep me. (Marisa Mell)
  • You shouldn't wait for other people to make special things happen. You have to create your own memories. (Heidi Klum)
  • Everything is a piece of me, a moment of my life. (Ursula Anders)
  • If you're going to do something wrong, do it big, because the punishment is the same either way. (Jayne Mansfield).
  • Natural beauty takes at least two hours in front of a mirror. (Pamela Anderson)
  • Some men have a silly theory about beautiful women - that somewhere along the line they'll turn into a monster. (Salma Hayek)
  • I don't think I was born beautiful. I just think I was born me. (Naomi Campbell)
  • One of the most important things in life is to know what you want and what you don’t want. (Irina Shayk)
  • It’s nice to be important but it is more important to be nice (Aishwarya Rai).
  • I actually don`t meet very many men because they are, I guess, afraid to approach me or think that I`m from another planet. (Claudia Schiffer)
  • I'm competitive with myself. I always try to push past my own borders. (Tyra Banks)
  • If you feel glamorous, you definitely look glamorous. (Scarlett Johansson
  • When you`re in love you`re living, you matter. (Rita Hayworth)
  • Sex without love is absolutely ridiculous. Sex follows love, it never precedes it. (Sophia Loren)
  • In China, we don't consider someone truly beautiful until we have known them for a long time, and we know what's underneath the skin. (Ziyi Zhang)
  • If I'd observed all the rules I'd never have got anywhere.  (Marilyn Monroe)
  • No one is more enslaved than a slave who doesn't think they're enslaved. (Kate Beckinsale)

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.