Robyn Lawley – Stunning Plus Size Model

Robyn Lawley Gallery
Birth name: Robyn Lawley

Date of Birth: June 13, 1989

Place of Birth: Girraween, New South Wales, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Occupation: model

Height:  6 feet 2in; 1.88m

Measurements: 36C/D-29-39.5 (in); 91-74-100 (cm)

Lawley in one sentence: Robyn is a gorgeous brunette from Australia with beautiful green eyes.


My boyfriend is my number one fan. He doesn’t understand the headlines about plus size; to him, I’ve got the greatest body alive.

I’m a normal size and I wish we could all be known as models, rather than ‘plus size’. Its skinny models who should be called ‘minus size’.

I once heard anorexia was ‘the look’ that season. What message is that sending to young women? 

Everyone by now should be more accepting of different body types: endomorph, ectomorph, mesomorph. It’s pure science, and still most people are blaming themselves for not getting the body they want.

I have fans who ask why I’m not plus size any more when I am, who wonder why I gain and lose weight when I don’t – I have been basically the same for the past four years. I would like for magazines to go Photoshop-free in the most extreme ways they use it.

I love food. I eat right, exercise and indulge occasionally.

If you don’t have empathy, you’re not a human but a robot.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; it always has and always will.

Stop calling plus size to average size women!

Be happy and comfy in a healthy body.

Food’s not the problem, it’s society.

Interesting facts:

Robyn started her modeling career at the age of 16.

At the age of 18, she decided to become a plus size model and signed for Bella model management – modeling agency based in Australia.

The decision to switch from straight size to “plus-size” model improved her modeling career.

She has her own food blog.

Robyn published a cookbook with original recipes, family recipes and tips on eating at restaurants around the world.

She is an ambassador for the Australian Ovarian Cancer charity.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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