Eight Reasons To Choose a Russian Bride

What makes Russian brides so desirable?

If you’re thinking you want your bride from Russia, chances are you already have an idea of why these ladies make the most fun and desirable brides.

But here is a list of characteristics that most men look for in their wives, and some insight into how Russian brides measure up… and win over the competition!

1. Ambition

Contrary to popular myths, men do appreciate ambition in their partners.

Contemporary men appreciate it when their potential partner has projects of their own and isn’t dependent on him for fun and fulfillment and the truest mark of this quality is ambition.

Russian women have been shown to be among the most ambitious and entrepreneurial, and this truly makes them among the most desirable brides.

2. Nurturing

While men appreciate ambition in their significant other, they do also appreciate her nurturing qualities as well.Russian Brides

Though men perceive their partners as more equal counterparts than they have in past generations, they turn to their wives for coziness and they assess them based on how nurturing they would be as mothers.

Russian girls are known for their protective and caring nature which makes them very desirable in this category.

3. Attractiveness

One of the top qualities a man will seek in his partner is physical attraction.

This is one of the first qualities that draw him to her, and that will continue to spice up their life as they get closer.

Russian women are known for their delicate and sharp features, characteristic of what is considered very attractive in this day and age.

Russian brides are sure to keep their partners interested for years with their fair complexion and defined Eastern European cheekbones.

4. Self-respect and self-care

Men appreciate it when their partners are able to care for themselves.

They may want to be the hero from time to time, but ultimately they don’t want to be completely responsible for their partner’s well-being – they want to know that she has a healthy dose of self-respect and knows how to take care of herself first.

This is another area where Russian girls are known to lead the way as it is part of their upbringing in Russian culture to be self-sufficient.

Russian Brides

5. Social cohesion

In terms of their social lives, men want to know that their wives will be smoothly integrated into the social setting where their couple will be spending time in public.

Russian women are desirable in this respect because they are brought up to believe in egalitarianism and will treat everyone with respect, but they are also generally reserved and will not make a spectacle of themselves in public.

You can count on Russian girls to be polite and interact harmoniously with a touch of mystery to keep things interesting!

6. Selfless service

What man won’t admit that he loves being served by his bride?

He may not want a slave or a woman who will degrade herself, but he does want her to be devoted and offer this service selflessly when she chooses to dote on her man.

Russian brides are most desirable when it comes to this aspect because their culture is somewhat traditional and encourages women to learn to please their male partners. You can count on her devotion to satisfy your desires.

7. Intelligence

Among some of the top qualities that men seek in their partners, intelligence may not rank high in a one night stand, but when it comes to the bride-to-be, it is a very important one.

Men want to know they won’t get bored in conversation with their wife, and Russian girls will certainly demonstrate their intelligence at every occasion.

Education rates in Russia are high and the standards in Russian institution will ensure that the general population is well-educated, so that many Russian girls are very smart and have interesting things to share about their lives.

Russian Brides

8. Excitement

Finally, what is a good marriage without its dose of excitement? Whether it is at the first meeting or as the years go by, men will turn to their favourite woman for some excitement when life starts to lack its luster.

They will hope that she is able  provide some spark of aliveness to keep him happy, spice things up or simply remind him that he is still attractive to her as well.

Russian brides are definitely a top choice for providing excitement.

For one thing, as foreign women they will bring a contrasting cultural background to discover, and are generally bright and seductive. Even the most traditional woman will place a value on pleasing her husband, so this is a department where she can be counted on.

Looking at some of the most common characteristics that men look at, consciously or unconsciously, when choosing their mate, it is obvious that Russian woman are a cut above the rest – but if you’re reading this article there’s a good chance you already suspected that they are the most desirable brides.

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