Sjana Elise Earp – Captivating Australian Blogger

Sjana Elise Earp Gallery
Birth Name: Sjana Elise Earp

Date of Birth: November, 1994

Place of Birth: Australia

Nationality: Australian

Occupation: Blogger, model

Height: 5 ft 9 in; 1.75m

Elise in one sentence: Sjana is a creative Australian girl who enjoys doing yoga and loves healthy lifestyle.


I think that everything happens for a reason – and if that when or if something is meant to be, then it eventually will be.

I think we never stop loving someone we once loved. We just stop being IN love with that person.

Seeing people who I love crying makes me sad.

Yoga is to the mind, what laughter is to the soul and what soap is to the body.

I am happy and comfortable in my body.

Accept and love your own body, and it will be better than having anyone else’s.

I eat everything in moderation; I eat a variety of foods; my diet changes EVERY day.

I think bodies should be plain and natural!

Sometimes I feel like I can help everyone but myself.

I am incredibly empathetic – this is both my biggest blessing, and deepest burden.

Interesting Facts:

Sjana has her own blog about healthy lifestyle, yoga and many other interesting things.

Sunflowers are her favorite flowers.

She was vegan for 2 years.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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