Beautiful Somali Women Need To Be Rescued

What Is Keeping Somali Women From Being Rescued?!

Please note: In this article about the brave Somali women you will not find dating tips or anything alike BUT you will have an opportunity to learn about what it is like to be a woman in Somalia. You will be shocked! Spread the word!

Join Waris Darie, Yasmin Warsame, Iman Abdulmajid and other beautiful and brave women of Somalia in struggle for better life in Somalia.

There is not many statistics to support the fact that Somalia is on a list of the ten poorest countries in Africa, nor are there any stats on its population due to nomads.

We do know that Somalia feeds itself and does not rely on any

foreign aid. They are completely independent and have not had a government in place for over a decade. People are governed and controlled by gangs and clans here. There are hardly any natural resources and income levels are also hard to populate.

According to the CIA fact book, average attendance in school is two years and most are Islamic. When it comes to women and their rights, it has been said most have been stripped with the U.N no longer affiliated with Somalia.

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Below are some disturbing facts and some characteristics of Somali women.

Most women of Somalia are feminine and do take great pride in their appearance. They are always dressed modestly and are par to colorful fashions. Some wear veils, head scarves, and other do not. Their apparel and clothing really depends on what clan they are residing under. These women are predominately black however there are many light skinned or Arabic looking females.

Education is almost nil for women in Somalia. CIA fact book, which takes into account the lack of information, states that only 30 percent of Somali women can even read or write. Statistics on their part in the workforce is unknown. What is known is that 80% of Somali girls undergo genital mutilation.

Yasmin Warsame Beautiful Somali Women

Yasmin Warsame

Religion is Islam. Other denominations are not recorded or unknown due to anarchy and poor record keeping. Basic research will lead a seeker to find many instances where Islamic extremists in certain areas refuse to tolerate any other religion and will take extreme measure in eradicating those other believers.

It is safe to assume that women in Somalia are nothing more than 2nd class citizens and completely subservient to men.

According to many articles and accounts of women that have escaped the turmoil of Somalia, it is considered the worst place in the world for women to be located. They live every waking moment in fear of being raped, tortured, and even shot. Also, 1 in 14 Somali women die during childbirth, yet these women average 6 kids each.

Because of the lack of health care and record keeping for the last couple decades, AIDS/HIV numbers are even unknown. There will be many conflicting stats on the infectious disease. With Somalia being in a complete state of anarchy, it is hard to discuss things such as dating, marriage, and other issues.

Other things about women in Somalia can be easily discovered without going through the main stream media. Sources from expatriates, missionaries, and refugees have many accounts of their lives on the internet or in book format.

In conclusion, with some basic research, it is easy to say that women in Somalia are not independent or free thinking for the most part. The lack of government leaves these women vulnerable with extreme suffering. Famine and hunger is rampant.

Women risk their lives daily by being pregnant and with the practice of genital mutilation, birth commonly results in death. Women here are living in fear and very few escape.

Money is no longer controlled by the government which seems ideal, however there is no system in place to protect a whole nation against crimes, put forth education, and provide for adequate health care. Many are willing to help but unfortunately those missions often result in deaths. It is a very fair statement to say that Somali women need to be rescued.

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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