Tatiana Likhina – An alluring Russian Model

Tatiana Likhina Gallery

Birth Name: Tatiana Likhina

Date of Birth: June 18

Place of Birth: Zheleznodoroznyi, Russia

Nationality: Russian

Occupation: Model, actress, painter

Height: 5 feet 9in; 1.75m

Measurements:  33-24-34.5(in); 83.8-61-87.6(cm)

Likhina in one sentence: Tatiana is a lovely Russian brunette who is living the American dream.


I admire Monica Bellucci.

I prefer having a dinner and going to a theatre rather than going to the loud places.

I love NY so much; it is the place where we are working very hard and where our dreams come true.

Every new day is a new miracle.

Never lie to yourself – that is one of the most important things in life.

All about success is laying in your mind; it depends upon your psychology.

Interesting Facts:

  • During her childhood Tatiana attended piano lessons and an art school for painting.
  • She is specialized in silk painting..
  • Tatiana appeared in TV commercials for Louis Vuitton, Axe Effect ,SCOOP
  • She graced a number of magazine covers including Zink, Vice, FHM, Relapse, HUGO, Bay Pop, Modes&Travaux, Libelle, Vrouw, Denovo, Sport&Style, Sposa Book, the Lane,Hair’s , Fashion Chicago Magazine, HUF, Estetique…

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.