Tatiana Likhina – An alluring Russian Model

Tatiana Likhina Gallery
Birth Name: Tatiana Likhina

Date of Birth: June 18

Place of Birth: Zheleznodoroznyi, Russia

Nationality: Russian

Occupation: Model, actress, painter

Height: 5 feet 9in; 1.75m

Measurements:  33-24-34.5(in); 83.8-61-87.6(cm)

Likhina in one sentence: Tatiana is a lovely Russian brunette who is living the American dream.


I admire Monica Bellucci.

I prefer having a dinner and going to a theatre rather than going to the loud places.

I love NY so much; it is the place where we are working very hard and where our dreams come true.

Every new day is a new miracle.

Never lie to yourself – that is one of the most important things in life.

All about success is laying in your mind; it depends upon your psychology.

Interesting Facts:

During her childhood Tatiana attended piano lessons and an art school for painting.

She is specialized in silk painting..

Tatiana appeared in TV commercials for Louis Vuitton, Axe Effect ,SCOOP

She graced a number of magazine covers including Zink, Vice, FHM, Relapse, HUGO, Bay Pop, Modes&Travaux, Libelle, Vrouw, Denovo, Sport&Style, Sposa Book, the Lane,Hair’s , Fashion Chicago Magazine, HUF, Estetique…

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Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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